Friday, May 12, 2017

Robinsons Supermarket with “Learn Wellness": Be scholarly healthy and fit all year round

I have noticed recently that there have been frequent rain showers pouring in the metro and it's still May. In some part of Visayas, residents even had their first dibs of monsoon that flooded some parts of Metro Cebu. It seems that summer is about to end and rainy days are coming our way much earlier this year, even before classes start in June. But this does not mean we should rest and hibernate while waiting for the rain to stop to stay healthy and fit. Because in Fitness and Wellness, there is no such thing as “Off Season”.

On stage are the representatives of particpating brands...

In the last NatGeo Run 2017 where I ran a full marathon, my time was unexpectedly faster and I was able to recovery more quickly. I give the credit to the new cross-training regimen I started early this year, which includes Jumping Rope. According to jump rope experts I’ve come across in many articles and instructional videos, this is one of the best training exercises that can shed calories and fats in a short span of time. Imagine, one can burn as much as 1,000 calories in just 15 to 20 minutes of Jump roping, with high intensity interval callisthenic exercises.

Pre-schoolers are not exempted to start early to a healthy lifestyle...

Of course, the visible results will vary depending on your physical condition and fitness goals.  But whether one will start as overweight or lean, the sustainable results of jump rope will only work if we give a huge amount of attention on the food we eat. I’m not talking about just the quantity of calories we take in but also the quality of the food we choose.

If the weather is not cooperating for a good run, Jumping rope is one better alternative

I am glad that the summer vacation gave the opportunity for a lot of young students to take care of their health and many did get involved with running. But I'm quite anxious to know who among these millenials will continue when they start to become busy with school work. I'm sure as soon as classes start, many of these young fitness newbies will relatively have lesser time to continue pursuing what they started as they need to devote more time to school stuff. If it’s too rainy and wet to run, jump rope is one alternative and get awesome results. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes a day to do it.

A 15 to 20 minute jumping rope can burn as 1,000 calories (under 120 rpm) with high intensity interval training exercises

Again, nutrition plays a key role in achieving fitness goals and, more often, school environment offers fast food nutrition and students have lesser options where to eat while spending more than half of the day away from their parents who can serve them better food. For the moms and dads who wish no less but optimum health and nutrition for their growing kids, preparing them with lunch bento boxes of good food, filled with all the healthy goodness that fast food rarely offers, is a better alternative.

Robinsons Supermarket's We Love Wellness Campaign involves a holistic heath and fitness... 

This month, Robinsons Supermarket celebrates the Health and Wellness season for people who consciously consume and advocate for healthier food selections. From May 1 to June 30, 2017, shoppers will get P100 off coupon for a minimum single purchase of P3,000 at Robinson’s Supermarket. Purchases must  be inclusive of P500 worth of participating products from Nestle, CDO, Splash, Wyeth, or Purefoods . Loyal shoppers can also earn additional 10 Robinsons Rewards Card Points when they buy select Nestle products during this promo.

Know the products by just simply looking at the yellow price tags...

When visiting Robinsons Supermarket just look for the yellow tag prices of selected participating brands to make sure you are buying products that support healthy living. Robinsons Supermarket’s Route to Wellness campaign affirms its commitment to strengthening the “We Love Wellness” advocacy that enables it to provide healthier food options and alternatives to Filipinos. And, as the new school year starts this June, students are encouraged not just to study hard but also set aside time to learn more about heathy living and getting fit. 

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