Monday, June 26, 2017

FWD Life Philippines champions FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge…

FWD Life, one of the newest players in the life insurance industry, is pushing its advocacy on wellness by being one of the champions of the Fit Filipino Movement’s FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge. Having been operating for the past three years in the country, this global brand enterprise is on high gear supporting this noble endeavor to encourage Filipnos who are overweight and with high risk of lifestyle diseases like heart attack and diabetes to switch to healthier lifestyles.

“As an Insurance industry pioneer in the space of health and wellness, FWD Life Philippines is delighted to partner with the Fit Filipino Movement  and coaches Jim and Toni to inspire Filipinos in leading healthier lives with a series of fitness-centered events. ‘ said FWD Life Insurance Head of Marketing, Rochelle Vandenberghe. "Through our Live to Move fitness parties, in collaboration with FitFil and the challenge’s partners, we hope to inspire a new wave of awareness for the health benefits of keeping fit. For us at FWD, living life to the fullest starts with being healthy." 

The FitFil Weight Loss Challenge is a nationwide campaign that rallies not just individuals but also institutions and brands to pledge and commit pounds of unwanted fat to contribute to the overall collective target of One Million Pounds in six months. Last May 23, 2017, the FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge was launched at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel where lead supporters such as FWD and other organizations expressed their pledges by signing a banner of support. 

Last June 24, 2017, FWD Life Insurance hosted the biggest fitness party at the SM Mall of Asia By the Bay area. The fitness celebration was led by the proponents of the FitFil campaign, coaches Jim and Toni Saret of the Fit Filipino Movement. The Fitness celebration was attended by various groups like the Philippine National Police, which sent a big delegation and committed the biggest pledge to lose 500 thousand pounds to be spread throughout all the police force all over the country. 

The fitness party was also participated by representatives of universities and colleges, medical societies, and members of the media. The event featured non-stop upbeat zumba and metabeat workouts spearheaded by Coaches Jim and Toni along with members of various gyms and fitness centers in the metro. Highlighting the fitness party was the unveiling of an oversized tarpaulin banner held by representatives of the campaign partners to signify their spirit of support. Everyone also expressed their energetic enthusiasm by participating in the series of heart pumping workouts. 

Start your fitness journey, too! Take part in the FitFil National Weight loss Challenge and make your weight loss pledge by logging on the campaign’s official website: .

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