Sunday, May 20, 2012

Immuvit Metafit 30-day Challenge (Week 4)

I’m now down to my last week of the Immuvit-Metafit 30 day Challenge. In the last two routines, the difficulty of the exercises was a prompt challenge to me, on how long can my goals is achieved through this four minute quick but painstaking work-out. As I gained strength and agility, my body began to have grown accustomed to an intense early morning work-out, that made the routine a little less challenging already. That is why, there was a day that I did another four minute cycle of the routine in the evening before I went to bed, and the effect was so dramatic and was a little close to being risky. My blood sugar went very low, where I almost gone to hypoglycemia. It‘s a good thing that I’m aware of the feeling already due to my last experience of hypoglycemia years ago. I quickly remedied it with a half plate of Leche flan in the fridge and I was alright. So I guess this work out really works for people with diabetes and wish to control blood sugar level.

For the past week, my routine was a combination of the three Immuvit – Metafit exercises I made. As per my weekly monitoring, I maintained a weight of 139 pounds and a grit measurement of my mid-section of 30 inches, which is still one inch behind my target measurement of 29 inches.

 The below are video-clip demonstrations I made for each week Immuvit-Metafit routine exercises. For those who already following this series, you may want to see how I actually execute them through these videos. 

For week 1, the set consists of JUMPING JACKS (10 Reps), SQUATS (10 Reps), PUSH-UPS (10 Reps) and LUNGES (10 Reps for each leg)… 

For Week 2, the set consists of ALTERNATING LEG KICK (10 Reps per leg), JUMP SQUATS (10 Reps) and ALTERNATING LUNGES (10 reps for each leg)

For week 3, the set consists of MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS (10 Reps for each leg), HALF BURPEES (10 Reps) and SKI JUMPS (10 reps for each leg)

 The combination of these exercises has strengthened my core which I noticed when I do long distance running. In the next coming weeks, I’m scheduled to run two half marathons, so I’m hoping to get a better record time for this. For those who are following this blog series, I’m encouraging you to try this system in your home and see the results for yourself.

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