Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jockey Sports Microfiber Active: N.F.B.P. No Fabric-Burn Promise

I’ve been a runner for almost three years now and, every so often, some of my worst running experiences was where I incur “fabric burn" from the singlet, shorts or even from the underwear I used, most especially when I do long runs -- 16k and up. In my previous blog post, I reviewed the running shorts apparel from DIADORA which I found to be very comfortable and also addressed my concern on fabric burn between the thighs. However, the good quality of the fabric of the running apparel may solve one problem, but a lot of underwear available today may not be as good and may still ruin a good running day.

Last week I was invited to attend the media launch of the latest series of undergarments from Jockey. It was held at ARIA Cucina Italiana, the newest Italian Resto located at the heart of BGC. Jockey presented a showcase of undergarment lines that were mostly for women but I also got a good look at the Jockey Sports Microfiber line for men.

Jockey Sports Microfiber is designed for people who live an active lifestyle. Made from 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane (or more commonly known as Spandex), the Jockey Microfiber line is engineered to offer  maximum comfort no matter how you move even for a long period time, such as running. As a common practice, many runners I know skip wearing underwear during races simply because of the constant friction it gives to skin during long distance runs so they wear tight compression leggings instead. The downside is, in some cases, compression running apparel limits the movements of a runner.

I guess this Jockey Sports Microfiber line is the answer to the long-time irritation problem in running. Jockey Sports Microfiber line comes in seam-free design types which are hardly visible at the back, most especially if one wears it with compression running apparel. Variants come in briefs style, boxer and trunks versions.

At the launch, Jockey Philippines paraded sample apparels to be passed around and allowed us to feel the fabric which are relatively cooler. The texture was smoother compared to other nylon fabric apparel and the items are also lightweight. To give a benchmark price of how much these undergarments cost, the trunk type costs P550 each. It's a bit pricey for underwear, but if Jockey’s cutting edge technology will give extra comfort to me as a runner, then that is one price tag worth shelling out. 

Next week, I’m scheduled to run another half marathon at the Merrell Adventure Run. So, before I hit the trails of Timberland Heights, I plan to pay a visit to the nearest Jockey shop and get myself a pair so I can see it in action for myself.

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