Friday, May 4, 2012

Immuvit - Metafit 30 Day Challenge Week 3

I’m now on my third week of the Immuvit-Metafit System and as far as weight loss in concern, I’m now three pounds under weight. At 5’5” in height, at age 41, my ideal weight should be 142 pounds and I’m now 139 pounds. So, as per Body mass Index, I’m three pounds under weight. So , as far as losing weight, the Immuvit-Metafit System is very much effective.

To my experience, since I’ve been running for almost three years now, weight loss was never a problem for me. I’m more concern to my grit measurement most especially on the mid-section and lower torso area. It seems I’m losing fat in the wrong places. My regular running routine gave me a trimmed toned legs and arms; however, it left an awful looking flab on the sides of the tummy area. It is one stubborn body part I desperately want to get rid of for a long time.

Photo taken last March 1, 2012

So far, my grit measurement is down to 33 inches and at the end of this 30 day routine, my goal is to reduce it to 29 inches and between now and at the end of the 30 day challenge, I will measure my daily progress. With the new set of exercises for the third week, I hope to see more progress on my targeted problem areas. The sets of Mountain climbers exercise which is part of the third week routine, is putting extra pressure and tension on the abdominal areas. More of this type of work-out for the rest of the week might do the trick. 

 Photo taken last March 1, 2012

For the third week set of exercises : Mountain Climbers, Half burpees and Ski Jumps. My grit target after the third week is to get a waistline measurement of 31 inches and I hope to maintain a weight of 140 lbs. For my running goals, I will target to reduce my running time from 55min to 45min on a 10 kilometer distance.

 Mountain Climbers 10 reps each leg

Half Burpees 10 reps

Ski Jumps 10 reps each leg

To my readers who are already following my weekly routine, you may change your set of exercises to this set for a more intense workout. You may also visit Immuvit - Metafit FB page for more details and video feeds of the workouts.

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