Friday, September 16, 2011

Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

There are bosses in this world that are just so hard to work with and the easiest way out is to just quit the job. But what if quitting is as worse as staying? Then that would certainly be a one career nightmare.

Horrible Bosses is one hilarious film that many striving real-life career men in the corporate world would easily relate to. The movie stars Jason Bateman as Nick, Jason Sudeikis as Kurt, and Charlie Day as Dale -- three best friends who happened to be in very similar situations wherein each one has to work with an awful boss and agonizingly find every working day a living hell.

Their situations became so pathetic that the only way they can lick their wounds was to drink together every night in a bar and vent out their grievances with one another. But, as each of their situations escalates to much bigger problems, the next best thing they can think of is the idea of eliminating their bosses from the face of the earth and out of their lives forever.

Directed by Seth Gordon, Horrible Bosses becomes a collection of other great Hollywood talents whose acting prowess has never been so evident in the characters of villains:
  • Kevin Spacey who played Nick’s boss, Dave Harken, is the perfect image of an egocentric psychopath president who slave drives his people but take all the credits for himself.
  • Colin Farrell played Bobby Pellit, Kurt’s selfish, greedy cokehead boss who just wants to siphon all the income from the company he inherited from his father in order to maintain his lifestyle of drugs and whores.
  • The third boss is Dr. Julia Harris, played by Jennifer Aniston, whose libido will go as far as sedating her tech staff Dale to execute the perfect blackmail.  
  • Jamie Foxx, whose character’s name is quite unusual (watch the movie to find out what it is!), played a minor role but his quick appearances were exceedingly fun.

Back to the story, the best laid out plans sometimes work in the most ridiculous circumstances as the three pathetic employees went about their scheme of killing their bosses. In the end, despite the silliness and all the bungling of their covert operation, things accidentally fall into place and to their advantage.

Although slapstick comedy and foul languages are apparent in the film, nonetheless, it teaches the value of friendship and of making a stand on what is right, as well as the lesson that kissing corporate asses could still get you in trouble someday.

Horrible Bosses, distributed by Warners Bros. Philippines, is rated PG-13 and is now showing in all major cinemas in the metro. After watching the movie, I strongly suggest you make amends with your personal bosses through the most diplomatic of means and never think that killing them would be the best option :p

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