Saturday, September 17, 2011

Speed Regalo: Revolutionizing Online Shopping

From half a kilo of butong pakwan to as big as a refrigerator, SpeedRegalo will deliver it with a smile, on time, every time. That is exactly the commitment of an off-shoot and sister company of AirSpeed Cargo, one of the leaders in international and local forwarding in the country today.

For the last ten years, with the advent of the internet technology, a faster and more efficient way of acquiring almost any commodity direct from, and to, any household has just become very easy with just a few mouse clicks. This is what e-commerce is all about.

E-commerce is the latest phenomenon in trading and there are now quite a number of companies who are into this type of business most especially in the international trade. However, in the local market scene, e-comm is still yet to climb a certain level of popularity most especially with the middle income earners. The question always dwells in the type of commodity, pricing, and delivery. Most of the popularly know e-commerce providers have these restrictions.

SpeedRegalo, entered the e-commerce industry with a commitment to solve the limitations of other providers. To date, they offer the most affordable rates in the market – e.g. PhP44.00 with no minimum purchase required within Metro Manila. They guarantee one-day delivery to any part of the country and two days for US, Canada, and the rest of North America.

For SpeedRegalo, size does not matter. If they can box it, they will ship it no matter how small or big the items are. For perishable goods, the company guarantees that it will get to its destination fresh as it was bought. They can deliver fresh roses from Davao and the flowers will arrive in Manila still in bloom. They can also ship lechon from Cebu and it will arrive in Manila still hot and crispy.

To top it all, all these items can be virtually bought in SpeedRegalo’s website catalog. They have a wide range of item selections with full product descriptions and affordable price tags. Payments have never been so easy and it is not exclusively for card holders alone. They accept Paypal, G-Cash, Smart Money, bank deposits and remittances via 7-Eleven and MLhullier outlets. This way, wider middle income earners can avail of SpeedRegalo’s services – online shopping made in a much affordable way for most Filipinos.

SpeedRegalo seeks to transform the online shopping scene and will go beyond delighting their devoted clients. It will constantly search for new innovative ways to bring shopping closer to home and to every Filipino across the globe.

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