Monday, September 5, 2011

Event Coverage: Orange Magazine TV's Bloggers' Blowout at Astrovision/Astroplus

Along with the coming of the digital age is the power of the internet which has opened endless possibilities in improving how we live today. However, what comes with the “good life” these technologies promise, are also the potentials to do more harm than good.

For instance, wav files, divx, mpeg and the rest of the standard codecs available today made music and video reproduction through the net very easy with only one click of a button. Video piracy is no longer a crime perpetuated by a few but has now become a growing, tainted culture accepted by many and which many are guilty of, one way or another.

In the last decade, businesses in the movie industry, whether domestic or abroad, have received the hardest blow brought about by the relentless alarming growth of cyber crimes. The situation even came worse due to the effect of the financial crunch that broke loose in 2008.

Filipinos, as resilient as we are, have steadily held our ground and continuously thrived under all circumstances. The same goes to the entertainment industry despite the sudden swift from analog to digital or, more specifically, from the VHS to CD. Now, the new source of entertainment, which is by far much easier to reproduce, has clawed its way from the verge of obsolescence into more versatile enterprises.

Astroplus/Astrovision is one of the few local establishments that did not only survive, but emerged to be the leading entertainment and lifestyle store that serves its customers with the latest and hottest in music and movie CDs and DVDs. It has also became a popular hub where customers can buy top-of-the-line music gadgets such as earphones, microphones, and multimedia players that make music tripping and movie watching state-of-the-art experiences.

Last week, Orange Magazine TV held its first ever Bloggers' Blowout at Astroplus/Astrovision in Greenbelt 5. It was participated by more than 150 members of the online media from three different fields of blog niches: music, movies, and gadgets. I signed up in the movie blogger group where home video distributors from Magnavision, Cinteractive, and Viva Films each presented their latest line ups of upcoming home video releases for 2011. We viewed everything on a large LG TV specially brought there for the event.They also allowed us to have a sneak peak of what films to watch out that will be shown in the big screen in the next coming months.

Astrovision/Astroplus further featured other videos to be released this year. Some of the DVDs include:

X-Men – First Class from 20th Century Fox. This is a prequel to the previously released installments that featured the origins of X-men icons like Prof. Xavier, Magneto, and others.

Mr. Poppers' Penguins, a comedy film adapted from a popular children’s book about a guy who adapted penguins as pets. Starring Jim Carrey, this movie is one hilarious film that will certainly be enjoyed over and over by the whole family.

Monte Carlo is a Disney Film original starring Selena Gomez of the TV series Wizards of Waverly Place. It’s about three friends who wanted to have the best vacation experience in Paris but ended up accidentally being weaved into royalty mishaps and romantic adventures where they eventually learned the true value of friendship. 

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes is from award-winning director Rupert Wyatt which stars James Franco of 127 Hours. This movie is another prequel of the 2001 movie Planet of the Apes that starred Mark Wahlberg.

CARS 2, another Disney Pixar original is a CGI animated film that’s the sequel of CARS which became a blockbuster hit a few years back. In this movie, Lightning Mcqueen teams up with his best friend Mater, the ever loyal tow-truck side kick from Radiator Springs, to drag-race their adventure in three countries.

In the next coming months, much more from Astrovision/Astroplus awaits die-hard movie fans and the store’s growing home video clients. After all, home video entertainment is one of the great ways to connect with family right in the comfort of your own home and Astrovision/Astroplus will continuously bring high quality original home videos ready to adapt to whatever player format you have for the ultimate viewing pleasure. 
And speaking of Blowout, Orange Magazine TV gave freebies and raffled off some nice prizes to the attendees which include original DVDs and Blue Ray Discs. I got to bring home some DVDs, two of which my family and I have already enjoyed watching together :)

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