Friday, January 29, 2016

FUJIFILM Unveils much-anticipated Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X70 in Manila

It seems that the Mirror-less cameras has now becoming very popular among professional photography community. When it started to come out in the market around four years ago, the most visible brand that often surfaced up was Sony with its NEXT Series. However, little that many people know, the Camera Company that pioneered the mirrorless-technology is FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM Corporation President Shigehiro Nakajima (4th from the left) with country's top photographers...
A film producing company which started back in the 1930’s, it grew in becoming as one of the of film of choice, ranging from photography films as well as reel tape films during the non-digital or analog age of photography. However, though it did not surpassed its bigger competitors such as Kodak Films at that time, Fujifilm continued to innovate other possibilities that might bring the brand to new heights. 

World's first Hybrid Multi-Viewfinder...
Right after the “death” of tape-films industry due to the emerging popularity of the digital photography, many of FujiFilm “high and mighty” competitors failed to foresee and learn to adapt changes, and eventually died a natural death. Apparently, the visionary people of Fujifilm saw the future of the company beyond films and other imaging aggregates that lead them to revolutionize digital cameras, where for decades use mirror to process image, and thus came up with the Mirror-less DSLR camera.

 Celebrating its 5th year anniversary as the leader of mirror-less cameras with its X-series, Fujifilm have finally announced the unveiling of its newest models of the X-Series, which are the Xpro2 and the X70. Both models shared similar power-packed features but at the same time unique in its functionality and use. 

1.    Newly developed 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensors that filters false colors thus increasing       resolution    
2.    New high-performance X Processor Pro image processing engine which is 4X the speed of a conventional image processing engine that is being used in other DSLRs.
3.     The world’s first advanced Hybrid multi viewfinder offering the benefits of both optical and electronic view finders. 

4.    New Focal plane shutter with a top-speed of 1/8000 sec. and flash sync up to 1/250 sec. It gives a faster mechanical shutter that allows more flexibility for aperture selections in bright conditions or when shooting with flash outdoors during the day.
5.    Robust, resistant body that meets the needs of professional photographers. The camera’s chassis is made from four-piece magnesium alloy and is sealed in a total of 61 points on each section, making it dust-proof, splash-proof, and capble of operating in temperatures as low as 10°C. Plus, it has two SD card slots for more reliable image storage.



1.    New FUJINON 18.5mm F2.8 lens for wide range of shooting conditions from landscape to snapshots.
2.    High-quality finish and easy operation encourage creativity. Weighing approximately 340g, X70 is the lightest X-series camera with an APS-C sized sensor.
3.    Compact body with an APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR processor II image. These are key technologies that deliver the high quality images unique to X-Series models have been compressed into a pocket sized body. 

4.    The first 180-degree tilting touchscreen LCD in an X-Series Camera. The X70 features a touchscreen LCD; a first of the X-series. Turing on the touch panel settings enables touch shots and focus area selection when shooting.
5.    Dedicated accessories to expand the world of the X70. It includes BLC-X70 half leather case for protection and to provide an extra grip, the LH-X70 lens hood to cut flare and ghosting, the VF-X21 optical viewfinder for those who prefer to frame images through a finder and the WCL-X70 wide conversion lens giving a 21mm view to 35mm equivalent. 

Other than these two amazing X-series models, Fujifilm also included in its newest line-up are the XE2S, which is an improve version of the original XE2 and the telephoto lens, Fujinon XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6 LM OIS WR. Check out these latest Fujifilm X-series models and the Fujinon lenses at the nearest Fujifilm exclusive vendors. 

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