Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Oishi O’Wow!! Experience…

Last Saturday, I, my son Gene and my wife Ruth had the opportunity to be invited in an extraordinary event organized by the iconic brand Oishi. The event was held at the penthouse area of the sky lounge of W-Building at BGC.

This especial event was celebrity studded coming from all spectrum of the entertainment industry. Of course, if you bring in celebrities, members of the media will also come along side with it. The sky lounge was filled with good looking people all over and as it is, the whole environment was simply an O’Wow experience.

The event was sort of a culmination of the O’Wow activities three celebrities made in public. The comic-debonair Ramon Bautista had a small stint, his personal version of Oblation Run inside the campus of Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Red leotards. In broad day light in front of all the thousands of students in PUP, he and his Oishi Cohorts ran along the hall ways and out-field of the school in their bright red leotards, that made all the people in a hilarious O’Wow experience.

The heart-throb jaw gawking Slater Young, on the other hand visited Philippines Women’s University to disguise as a Photographer for a group of students getting a group shot. As soon as they pose, Young expose himself to them thereby capturing in film their O’Wow reaction.

Another Teen heart-throb sensation Daniel Padilla also visited a densely populated high school along with twenty other people wearing the same outfit. The pack, along  with Padilla rendered a hip-hop dance number. The high school audience in the crowd were task to “tag” a sticker badge to the person they would guess to be as Daniel Padilla. Somehow, the organizers of the event were able to gather dancers who share similar looks and built as Daniel Padilla, that is why the students had a difficult time choosing whom to tag. As soon as the dance number was over, Daniel Padilla finally revealed himself to the crownd thereby capturing the O’Wow experience of all the High school students in side the Gym.

Finally, kapuso Chanel matinee idol Elmo Magalona also had his share of an O’Wow experience in the public. Acoompanied by two other stars, Ramon Bautista and Slater Young, The three guys, rode a Jeepney on its way to its usual route. As soon as students boarded in the three started to sing the song “Kaleidoscope World” and slowly revealing themselves to all the passenger inside getting their O’Wow experience.

In the event, media had also a small stint of fun with the celebrities as we all joined in an Amazing Race type of game. Four Groups were formed and led by some sports celebrities such as the YoungHusband brothers. The group  were given task in each stations, and the group with the fastest time to complete it, wins.

At the end of the game, it turned out our group won first place. Each of us won tons of Oishi snack and drinks.

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