Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sun Life Financial: Experience SUN-Shorts

Sun Life Philippines, a member of Sun Life Financial group of Companies have yet set another innovation in inspiring hope to the lives of Filipino households by bringing indigenous short-films that depicts a much brighter side of adversities of life and how simple individuals can overcome them despite overwhelming challenges.

In order for this project to be monumental, Sun Life gathered some of the country’s best directors and high caliber film makers to create a seven-minute film that carries a high impact and deeply moving stories about people and life itself. Last July 5, 2012, Sun Life finally organized a media launch of the SUN-Short project at the Annabelle Restaurant where the acclaimed directors and some casts of the films was there. Among present were Mr. Jun Reyes, a well noted producer who gave us Last Journey of Ninoy and Crying ladies, have concocted of a vintage story of war entitled “1945”.

Mr. Jolly Feliciano took on a story about a young sick boy whose hopes brightly as the sun even through days seems hopeless in the film “Life in a Day”. Director-playwright Chris Martinez, noted for creations such as Here comes the Bride, Kimi Dora and 100, took on a “gothic” type of story of a young man’s cool confidence in a future well planned in “Oh My Goth”.

A novice in the film industry, Mr. Nick Reyes took on a story of a young man’s free and easy lifestyle and tendencies for “quick-fixes” that lead him to a much deeper troubles in an action-packed film “The Debt”. Multifaceted artist Mr. Jerold Tarog, the same man who brought to the screen films such as Senior Year, Nino, Shake Rattle and Roill and Aswang, pick up the pace with the film “Sun Dance”. It’s about the friendship of three young women trying to tackle the tides of life with their elegance and grace.

And last but not certainly not the least is the film “Araw” by Mr. Jim Libiran of the football film Happyland. “Araw” is based on a true story of a man harness the power of the sun to create beautiful art. This film is quite exceptional because it is included in the SunLife Asia’s Regional Project.

These Sun-Short Stories can be viewed online by simply visiting Sun Life Philippines website. The first film will be uploaded on July 25, 2012 at 6:30am. for your viewing, you can log on to:

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