Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HP Printers: Innovations for the Changing times

20 years ago, GSM cellular phones was said to be the future of telecommunications. Ten years ago, the revolutionary breakthrough of internet technology was the wave of the future, and recently, cloud technology is revered to be as the new cutting edge. In the next 10 or 20 years, we can never really predict what man can accomplish.

In all of these innovations, it seems that more and more are veering away to paper-less out puts. Apparently, as much as lessening the paper as finish print out-put would be more beneficial to the environment, there are still some instances where there is still a need for printing collateral, but there hasn’t been any significant improvement in the printing technology that would increase its output efficiency.

Hewlett-Packard, HP the biggest technology company in the world and leader in home printing industry have finally came up with an innovation that revolutionizes remote printing. HP offers first to the market the wireless direct printing that does not require network and other features that boosts productivity. The HP link advantage is a convenient cost-effective tool to people’s printing requirement.

Last July 13, 2012, HP Philippines launched the new line of Deskjet Ink Advantage to the public which was unveiled to some members of the media at the activity center of SM North Edsa Annex, through a creative amazing race-like activity where each participant got to appreciate the cutting edge technology of HP through games.

Media bloggers were grouped by pairs and was given tasks that require each pair to accomplish it by using mobile smart phones as devices to print assignment outputs. The first teams to finish the task win prizes courtesy of HP and SM. My wife Ruth of mommywrites.blogspot.com and I team up together because she has a better smart phone compared to the one I’m using.

As all of the team go through the tasks, we were amazed on how these HP printers can produce printed out put with just the power of smart phone. Now you can print documents, photos remotely and it doesn’t need a network to do it. As we about to finish the activities, Ruth and I were so confident that we can win the game. However, at the last assignment, another team of bloggers over-took us and grabbed the first place and that made us land on the second place instead. 

Second place wasn’t so bad after all because we got to have prizes as well. And no, it wasn’t one of the printers, sad to say but at least we get to try them first hand and we can certainly vouch for its superb technology. Surprisingly, these new HP printers were not as pricy as we thought it would be. The HP Ink Advantage 4615 All-in-one Printer for instance is pegged at P6,000+ only! A very affordable printer indeed. 

Note: Some photos courtesy of Orange Magazine TV

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