Monday, July 23, 2012

Globe and Amdocs launched global Partnership

The advents of technology in communication through mobile have tremendously improved the lives of many Filipinos over the years, more particularly the impact it creates on how Pinoys now can connect with each other. Twenty years ago, cellular phones were nothing but a novelty only small fraction of the “can-haves” affords to have one. As the costs of these phones have significantly decreases, an ad-on service has likewise improved… or does it?

The text messaging components of these phones have gained access unlimited possibilities on how telecom companies can serve their constituents more effectively. Message alerts of all kinds can be access by any subscriber who wishes to make his or her mobile phone lifestyle more fun and efficient. However, many of these message alerts are now at randomly sent to people whom they find it not only insignificant but also costly and bothersome.

One classic example is the BinBit feature for smart phones for free wap-link which many subscribers like me receive every so often. Apparently, such services have no use for me whatsoever. And to make the matter worse, it constantly charges several pesos to my pre-paid load, even after several replies to stop sending. I’m sure; I’m not the only one who is trapped in this kind of so called “ad-on” service schemes. The only way I was able to finally stop it was through a quick-fix service staff located in telecom service hub in the mall. How inconvenient!

Last July 5, 2012 finally unveiled to the media the formal launch of Globe-Amdocs partnership. Globe Telecom, one of the largest telecom service providers in the country and a subsidiary of the Ayala Corporation have forged partnership with AMDOCS, a leading provider of costumer experience system and services. The business partnership is a seven year contract agreement that will transform, continuously upgrade and improve Globe Telecom’s business support system and data warehouse.

This only mean that Globe can already better manage its customer relationships across various product offerings within its constituents, and provide a personalized costumer experience that current subscribers can now appreciate. Globe further explains that if a subscriber is in the airport in another country, the message alert that he or she can receive are international roaming related services. As soon as these service upgrades will be in place, systems will intelligently analyze subscriber’s whereabouts and even nature of work or businesses, thus only be receiving the product or services that a customer needs in a given time and place. 

Now finally, I’m glad Globe thought of this system and certainly as soon as the system rolls out, costumer relation will also significantly improve over time.

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