Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tous Les Jours: A French inspired Korean Bake shop

TOUS LES JOURS, a very popular bakery brand in Korea is now gaining popularity in the Philippines as well. With already two established branches in SM malls, Tous les Jours has open another branch in the south right in the Alabang Town Center.

With their grand opening, Tous les Jours has invited several people from the media and food and pastry enthusiasts to have a food tasting treat with some of their best tasting bread and cakes only Tous Les Jours can offer.

Tous Les Jours is actually means “everyday” in French, and as a core philosophy, the bread company is committed to provide the costumers with the best quality and the most fresh products “Everyday”. Though it started in Korea, this French-inspired bread company has a patent brand in various countries such as US, China, Vietnam and now in the Philippines.

In every branch of Tous Les Jours, a bread enthusiast is guaranteed to have a nature-friendly home-made breads and cakes in the best quality. All of their products are made from the high quality ingredients which are healthy, delicious and original. The breads and cakes are made in brick-oven fired by wood which are authentically home made.

Among their best sellers, are the Sweet Black Rice Bread with cream cheese filling. The texture of this bread resembles Monchi Bread with cream filling. Another sought after product is the Sweet Red Bean Bun with Red Bean filling which are imported from Korea.

For those who settle for just a light snack, the Apple Pie (singles) is one fantastic treat. The outer crusts are soft and flaky in texture and are filled with great tasting apple jam also imported from Korea.

If there is one forte Tous Les Jours is proud of, are cakes. They have a wide variety of cakes that will surely make one diet conscious individual will give-in for one more slice. Among the favorites are the carrot cake, chocolate cake and green tea mousse cake. These cakes are very distinct in taste and very special. 

Tous Les Jours is the first franchise bakery created and developed by CJ FoodVille Co. Ltd.

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