Monday, November 24, 2014

Beeffalo: Marikina’s hidden gastronomical delight…

It’s in the middle of nowhere, the location is out of place, there are no directions and when you can finally get there, there are no visible signage, as if the management intentionally wants to keep the restaurant elusive to people. But when we arrived, it was exactly the opposite of what we thought. Cars were piled up along the highway because the parking provision could no longer accommodate them. 

The Beeffalo by HotRocks is cozy and very homey; the grillers are stationed outdoors along with the tables for people who wish to dine outside. The signage was kind of “un-noticeable” but what captures may attention were the vintage memorabilia that were on display all around the restaurant. Then we were greeted with warm welcome by the owners, Louie Abad, Girlie Cosio-Abad and Caren Diaz.

American-style outdoor grilling

"Out of service since 1965"

Louie Abad, Girlie Cosio-Abad and Caren Diaz

 Brewed by more than twenty years of friendship, the three started venturing into the food industry way back 2004 with their first restaurant business – HotRocks in Libis, Quezon City. HotRocks was a sensational hit and just about when the restaurant was at its peak, the business was forced to closed down to give way for a major infrastructure development in the area. But after eight years of hibernation, the three decided to put up Beeffalo by Hotrocks at the far edge of Gil Fernando Avenue, Sto. Nino, Marikina City. 

Retired at TGIF, now at Beefalo

Lambretta Special 150cc...still in good working condition

Beeffalo is a typical American-style Backyard grilling experience where they specialize in Steak, Barbeque and Ribs. Last week, I just had the opportunity to visit the place and had the first hand taste of the house specialties. I was able to try the Roasted Pumpkin Soup which is a thick soup, and for those who prefer thin, they also served Seafood food corn chowder.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup at P65

Seafood and Corn Chowder at P90

Beeffalo serves two variations of Buffalo wings, the milder type and the original which is hot (really hot)are served in one order. These two variants are served with blue cheese dip and sweet chili sauce. After finishing off the chicken wings, we went straight to the Porterhouse steak and T-bone steak. These steaks were served in a medium-rare level. On the side trivia, if you want to taste the true flavor of a steak, take it on a medium-rare. Those flavors tend to dry-up if it’s well-done. 

Sweeter chix on the right...hotter chix on the left

Porterhouse (250gms) at P340

Soon after we had that scrumptious steak, We were indulged by another house specialty, the Baby-back ribs which were grilled to perfection, the meat literally fall-off from the bones. The meat dishes were served with home-made sauces specially concocted by its resident chef, Girlie Abad. In fact, most of the dishes served were signature dishes of Ms. Girlie, who despite the lack of formal training in culinary arts, has the culinary talent to transform simple “isaw” into a gourmet, fitting to be served in fine dining.

Baby back ribs (full-serving) at P740. 

Baby back Ribs (Solo-serving) at P270

"Isaw"...local street food made classy

After the sample of Beeffalo’s pastas and pizzas, our capacity to take in another dish has come to a halt. But who would turn away to dessert? Most especially if it involves cheese cake! For the last dish, Beefalo served their most sought after desserts; Dolce de Leche Cheese Cake and Brazo de Mercedes. After those grand finale sweets, what better way to wrap up the evening but with a chilled Red Wine. 

Margherita biscuit Pizza at P145

Seafood Carbonara at P165

Our Beeffalo’s gastronomical experience is surely bound to be spread around. We were surprised that many Marikina residents don’t know about it because many of Beffalo’s guests came from far off places and they have only come to know about the place via word of mouth. I wouldn’t agree more, because food as good as this one certainly deserved to be talked about.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake at P165

Brazo de Mercedez at P125

So where exactly is Beeffalo? I’m not sure. All I know is it’s somewhere within the vast stretch of tall grasses along Gil Fernando Avenue. I don’t really know exactly. But hey, if you yearn for good tasting grilled food hub in Marikina, you have to seek it out yourself. and when you get there, you will certianly know that its worth the find.   

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