Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tactics: The Practical All-weather Tactical Gear

I’ve been into serious running for almost five years now.  I am so into it; I even get excited to take long trips out of town just to participate in running events, no matter what the weather is. On many occasions, most especially in trail running events where ordinary monsoon or tropical storms have never been causes of cancellation, going to the venue and securing my stuff under drizzling rain can be an issue. Most baggage depository areas are just open tents and the bags of runners most often are exposed to the rain.

my wife and her blue Tactics bag
Tactics Water Gear all-weather bags are just the answer to these issues because they are one tough mudder. The shell is made of highly durable rubberized tarp and the construction uses a vulcanized adhesion;the same construction used in base-camp tents, which are watertight. 

The rubberized shell is so tough you don’t have to worry about puncturing it even if you haul in pointy gears like tent poles, camera tripods, or trekking poles. It can also carry heavier loads like battery packs, cook set, or even laptops. You can just load anything inside without worrying of getting them wet.

A couple of months ago, I had an out of town project where I had to photograph the Seven Lakes of San Pablo City, Laguna. I stuffed all my photo gear inside my Tactics bag as we visited all of the lakes where in some occasions, we had to dip into the waters. 

We also did some short trekking and my gears had a few bumps on some rocks and mud. There was also a time where we rode a “balsa” or bamboo raft and I just placed my Tactics on the flat bed, never minding the occasional water that seeped in. All of my stuff inside were kept dry and clean at all times. 

The Tactics is so practical, it’s like a sack where you can top-load everything you want to carry. There are no fancy zippers that might get worn out overtime. You just roll the top into a few folds, clip to seal, and you’re all set to go to whatever adventure you want to take. 

This bag can also be used to carry hot meals because it can act as an insulator that can keep your cooked food warm.

A Tactics bag is one practical tactical gear for those who love the outdoors. Be it for leisure or work, keeping your gears and other stuff dry and safe will be a worry-free issue. Just haul in your stuff, roll, and click, and everything is locked and loaded.

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