Sunday, May 18, 2014

Clear Dream Match: The Final Challenge

On its third year, Philippines’ football Icon siblings James and Phil Younghusbands will come head to head on its final challenge for the Clear Dream Match. Three years ago, teams James and Phil drafted some of the best football players in the land and held its first dream match in University of Makati’s football field. The game was concluded by a victorious win of the Team Phil. The Second year, tables were turned and the victory was grabbed by Team James. 

So now, the odds are even for both teams, one-to-one. This year’s Clear Dream Match will be the final challenge and a decision maker whose team will ultimately come out to be the best. Last April 30, 2014, Unilever, the makers of Clear Anti-Dandruff shampoo and sports celebrity brothers Phil and James Younghusband held a the final draft of the third and final leg of the Clear Dream Match. The event was held at the Hive music and bar with some friends, football players of various teams, fans and members of the media.

Phil and James took turns in picking up tiny soccer balls that contained the names of the players who were drafted. In the end, these are the line ups for the both teams.  

Team James                    
Co-captain: Nate Burkey

1.  Daniel Gadia Amateur
2.  Joaquin Canas UFL
3.  Simon Greatwich Meralco
4.  OJ Porteria Kaya FC
5. Anton Del Rosario Kaya FC
6.  Misagh Bahadoran Global FC
7. Steve Yambou Pachanga FC
8. Jeffrey Christaens
9. Andrew Liauw Kaya FC
10.Dae Han Kang Phil. Army FC
11.Marvin Angeles Global FC
12. Joo Yeoung Lee Meralco
13.Chieffy Caligdong Green Archers
14.Emmanuel Mbata Kaya FC
15.Roland Sadia Global FC
16. Francisco Jose Primo Santos Amateur
17. Eduard Sacapano Phil. Army FC
18. Izzo Elhabbib
19.Daisuke Sato Global FC

Team Phil
Co- captain: Carlie De Murga

1.  Mikko Mabanag Amateur
2. Chris Greatwich Kaya FC
3. Samuel Bonney Meralco
4. Mark Hartmann Global FC
5. Anto Gonzalez Pachanga FC
6. Baba Sampana Meralco
7. Ruben Doctora Stallion FC
8. John Cain Philippine Army FC
9. Matthew Hartmann Meralco
10. PJ Fadrigalan Meralco
11.  Nicholas O’Donnel Kaya FC
12. Roxy Dorlas Meralco
13. Kenshiro Daniels Kaya FC
14.Floriano Pasilan Green Archers
15.Yoshiharu Koizumi Amateur
16. Javier Gayoso Amateur
17. Darius Joseph Diamante Amateur
18. Patrick Deyto Green Archers
19. Simone Rota Stallion FC

This coming May 26, 2014, the two teams will have the opportunity to pick another two football legends. These are Paul Scholes and Andy Cole of Manchester United. Each Younghusbands will pick an import players to join them. 

On June 7, 2014, Team James and Team Phil will take on a final battle in the world of football. With them are the country’s top players and of course two football icon legends Paul Scholes and Andy Cole of Manchester United. The final game will be held at the football field of University of Makati. Tickets to this epic game is available at all SM Ticket Net

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