Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maxie Abad: A life Charger’s Journey

My life as a multi-disciplined athlete requires sufficient time to keep up with the training schedule I set my self to do. In the midst of work in an NGO that often requires me to go to other remote places in the country, keeping up to my daily regimen becomes a little difficult. Often times, I ended up doing my 10k run at 11:00pm just to attune myself physically.

For most of us who are not paid to be an athlete and needs to juggle work, family and some other stuff can be very draining and challenging. This is exactly how Maxie Abad juggles his in the midst of his work as mild-manner legal and finance Director of the Association of Marine Officers and Seafarers Union of the Philippines - AMOSUP, a husband, a father of three sons, managing Manila Soccer Academy plus a weekend triathlon warrior.


I had the opportunity pay Maxie a visit in his office in the Intramuros Area and it was a delight  to hear on how he expounded the gravity of responsibility of his work. The AMOSUP is a seafarers Union and one of the most successful Seafarers union in the world holding a net value of 32 million dollars invested by more than 80,000 members. And this are all placed in the care of Maxie Abad. The gravity of the job is not just in the amount of funds that he needs to take care of but to think that these funds are invested by thousands of Filipino Seamen who sacrificed to be away from their family to work for a long period of time is the thought makes him do his work with utmost diligence. “I give high regards to these Filipino seafarers because they are our country’s un-spoken heroes” he shares. 

Managing MSA:

Maxie shares how he balances all the trainings, work and advocacy of teaching children the basics of football. For Maxie, an effective time management is a key to keep all things together and most importantly the passion in what you do. When he was little, Maxie mentioned that he never had a formal training in football but he liked the sports so much that he excelled in it. After which, he became member of National Football Team and represent the country in different football competition across the globe.

As a country where the popularity of football is just starting, learning the sport the right way is very important for those who are passionate in the sports. Teaching them early would at least give them the basic foundation that would make them love the sports.


 A seven-time iron man finisher and a finisher of a full Iron-Man where he joined in Australia several years ago, the discipline behind it require 15 hours of continues training doing all three discipline- swim, bike and run on a weekly basis. Anything less would be critical to the outcome of the competition. Months before the actual race, he needs to train 35 hours a week. “Triathlon competition is always an adventure for me. My goal is to finish strong without any injuries.” He shares.


For Maxie, the best sport is a team sport, because you relay on the capacity of each member of the team. In boxing, when you are knocked down by your opponent because of lack of preparation, you only let yourself down. In a team sport, like football, your preparation is crucial to the rest of the team, because when you’re not fit to play because you lack training, you will drag the whole team down not just yourself.

For Maxie, it is the principle he always teaches his children, that you don’t just live your life just for yourself but there are others who depends on you as well and vice versa. So it is important that whatever you do, you need to be at your best, always recharge and on top of the game, whether in work, in sports or with family because these people would not want anything less of you. Keep yourself fit by eating good food and boosting it with supplements like PHARMATON to keep your head always in the game.


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