Friday, February 1, 2013

HEALTHY OPTIONS : Good food grown the good way…

In order to feed the planet's growing population of about seven billion today, technology has prompted man to mass produce everything we can consume. With the aid of science, we can now fast track the growth of almost all living things as compared to their natural course that would take a much longer time to reach their prime. For instance, chickens that normally take 90 to 120 days (or more) to reach the right weight before they can be slaughtered and eaten, with the help of boosters and chemically charged supplements available in the market today, you can get the right weight in just a matter of 45 days. For the vegetables and fruits, technology has likewise extended their life span for several days before they start to rot. But, as we tweak the course of growth intended by nature, even with good intentions, these short cuts have somehow caused rebound effects to the quality of life we live.

Fortunately, in recent years, man has started to realize his mistakes and is now trying to revert to the natural way of reaping the bounty of nature through natural farming. In the same way, a rapid growing market of consumers who have been enlightened by the adverse effects of food chemicals to physical health, have decided to choose buying organically grown food. Before, this band of few, who have been branded as the 21st century modern day hippie, belongs to the up-scale socioclast and who chose to be non-conformist have radiated their influence to the majority. However, organically grown food tends to be more costly than the mass produced kind, that is why penetrating the wider market continues to be an uphill challenge.

HEALTHY OPTIONS is one of the very few companies that have stood their ground in bringing Filipinos healthier choices. Currently the country’s leading natural product store chain, the company is now expanding its mission by offering organically grown livestock like poultry, eggs, and pork.

Healthy Options is now partnering with local farmers who share the same advocacy of producing nothing but organic. This means, the chickens and pigs they grow are not exposed to chemically-charged supplements and antibiotics that alter their growth. Their habitat are designed with sawdust  and rice hull flooring and they are free to roam around in a much wider corral, unlike other typical farms with concrete walls and florrings that constrict the movements of the animals.

One unique thing about this way of farming is that the foul smells of the animal by-products are almost absent. They are fed with organic vegetable trimmings, wild bugs and insects which are naturally rich in protein and wholesome grains. Practically, these animals are naturally clean and are considered to be living in a five star condition. Healthy Options guarantees that these animals are free from steroids and growth hormones and are raised in their natural growth pace. When they reach their prime, they are slaughtered humanely.

Healthy Options have chosen farms located at the scenic foot hills of mount Banahaw, particularly in Majayjay, Laguna. Untouched by pollution and industrial progress, this place offers one of the best environments for organic farming. The plants and animals are grounded in organic compost and nurtured by natural spring water from Majayjay falls itself thus, the harvests are guaranteed to contain optimum nutrients.

Healthy Options' Managing Director - Mr. Romy Sia

If we look back, before all the synthetic growth supplements were available, this was how farming was done. It was practiced naturally.  No wonder most of the people in the olden days have longer and healthier lives; because the food they eat were organic. Now, if some would say that organic food are more costly, they may be right but the few pesos added to these products would mean a much lesser chance of getting sick and paying all those medications and hospital bills by living a much healthier and longer life. Well, I guess it's worth the cost and it's definitely the better and healthier option. 

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