Thursday, January 31, 2013

CONVERSE: Shoes are boring…wear sneakers

“Shoes are boring, wear sneakers” is the new tagline of CONVERSE, one of the pioneer brands of rubber shoes and an old American icon that dates back from 1932. Since then, the brand has withstood all sorts of adversities such as the great depression and world wars. Converse was an iconic sports apparel in the early Olympics being worn by some of the great sports legends, not only in the west but throughout the rest of the world.

Many decades later, Converse still holds its title as an iconic figure among the youth to be a vibrant, versatile, and cool everyday footwear. With hundreds of models and up-to-date statements to the latest fashions, Converse is not left out to be a generation fad that will go out of style after a while. Even their legendary Chuck Taylor, which has not been tweaked from its original design, holds a character that is completely immortal.

Last January 18, 2013, Converse Philippines opened its very first flagship store located at the second level of the new Glorietta in Makati City. It was attended by friends, members of the media, and local celebs who use the footwear as an visual expression of their own artistic talents. Popular local bands like 6cyclemind and Gracenote are two of the hottest alternative rock bands that attest to Converse’s quality design and comfort that fit their energetic performances on stage.

Converse’s versatility caters not only to the upscale types of people, but its inert character evenly jives well with everyday persons ranging from college students, struggling artists, the rank and file work force to the hip young professionals grooming their way up the corporate ladder. Converse simply fits anyone and with everything, any day.

Occupying a sprawling 275 sqm area, the flagship store is the largest CONVERSE shop in the Philippines to date. It houses a wide array of CONVERSE merchandise that range from the well-loved Chuck Taylors, Jack Purcells, Cons, John Varvatos in addition to other popular CONVERSE apparel, bags, and accessories.

Everyone is invited to visit the new store and experience Converse first hand. Be among the thousands of people who describe this awesome footwear as the sneakers that is cool, confident, creative, innovative, and gets the job done.

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