Monday, January 21, 2013

AXE Philippines to launch the first Filipino into space

If you happen to be one of the countless guys out there who suffer from “strangled-relationship” and finally declare to your gal, “Honey, I need some space! “, well, why not really consider going to the outer space? That’s right. The zero-gravity space walking beam-me-up Scotty kind of space is what I’m talking about. 

Finally, for the very first time, a space travel agency called Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) and XCOR Aerospace will be sending regular untrained people to experience the environment of the real outer space. AXE Fragrance Cologne for Men have created the AXE Apollo Space Academy, a program where in it can send ordinary people to outer space. The grand plan is to send one person in every AXE Country on Earth, including the Philippines to experience a zero-gravity moon walking gig. 

Last week at the White Space Venue, AXE Philippines staged the official launching of the newest scent of AXE, the AXE Apollo body Spray. Together with key people, friends form the media, they also announced the most exciting contest to be held at Facebook where in one Filipino is get to be chosen to be the first Filipino to visit the International Space Station in outer space. That is right. The very first Pinoy Astronaut! 

AXE Philippines is calling all Filipino men out there to join the most awesome contest ever and be included among the ranks of space legends like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Yuri Gagarin and be a part of a history in the making. The mechanics of the contest is to be found at this link: You may also visit the AXE Philippines Facebook fan page at for more information. 

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