Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grace Poe: Reliving FPJ's Vision

Poverty is the biggest scandal in this country -FPJ

This statement was one of the platforms of the late Fernando Poe Jr. when he ran for president last 2004. Among the many sound and idealistic social reform programs of FPJ, were his desire to transform this country through sound leadership and governance. Sad to say, his untimely demise robbed him from seeing this visions come to reality.

For the past months now, many of us have been seeing some teasers and bumper stickers posted around on busses and other public transportation and establishments that reads; “Grace Po ako”, a subliminal hint to the public of Ms. Grace Poe-Llamanzares, the daughter of FPJ her plans of running for public office. And finally, last December, the Team Grace Poe went out to the open to declare, Ms. Grace Poe’s desire to run for the senate seat this coming 2013 election.

Along with the members of the media, close family and friends, Grace Poe, articulated her plans in addressing some of the bleeding areas of our country are experiencing. She talked about her plans of building on her father’s social covenant that can be summarized in three key areas; Poverty Alleviation, Opportunities for Our Children and Electoral Reforms.

After her presentation, she intelligently and candidly answered some thought-provoking questions from the media covering some delicate issues like the RH Law, Cybercrime Law that is yet to be amended, Freedom of information bill, Logging and Mining. All these and other crucial issues were tackled and how these plans are in congruent to her father’s vision of transforming this country and bringing it to greatness.

The Team Grace Poe also presented their strategy in spreading public awareness and capitalizing her father’s public appeal and influence most especially in areas where FPJ held stronger grounds and that is the marginalized communities. Their biggest challenge is capturing the interest of the groups of the “intellects” and “elites” to believe and support her in the coming election. 

The Team Grace Poe is appealing to the media to help her on this campaign and her genuine plans of really bringing honest to goodness reforms in the law making body of our country and will benefit the cause of the majority. 

For inquiries and show of support to the Team Grace Poe, you may get in touch with them in the following details: Tel. 441-2687, 441-2511, FaceBook Accnt: TeamGracePoe, Twitter Accnt: @TeamGracePoe, Website: 

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