Thursday, February 21, 2013

Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost!

Just over three years and many kilos ago, I decided to run with a just the goal to regain a healthy and fit lifestyle. I never thought that starting out a lechon manok and liempo business and keeping a day job loaded me with tons of stresses from work that stretched my physical limits from sunrise to sunset. In a span of less than a year, those stresses, coupled with cholesterol and uric acid from the regular tasting of liempo from our now defunct food business, has resulted to a five-day confinement in the hospital.

First 10k barefoot...
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After a short reckoning reality, I decided to fix my health and lifestyle and began to run regularly. Apparently, running the traditional way gave me little results due to all sorts of running-related injuries I experienced from wearing my existing running shoes. So, I tried a little crazy feat by running barefoot. For the first 3 kilometer distance of barefoot running, blisters covered almost all areas of my feet. But, as I began to learn more and gain strength, the 3 kilometers were extended to 5 kilometers.

A 10k run at the foothills of Sierra Madre mountain range, Tanay Rizal
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As a ran further distances, my weight began to go down drastically as well -- from 187lbs to 139lbs. The rest of my lifestyle illnesses also followed and normalized. Since my goal to be fit was relatively achieved at 5k running, I could have stopped there. But somehow, the crazy part of me started to kicked-in again and I challenged myself to go on even further. So I ran barefoot from 5k to 10k distance.

Another 10k run under Storm signal #1 at BGC
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In just a few months, the weekend fun runs became a regular thing for me and my barefoot running has attracted attention in the running community. Soon after, I was surprised to discover that I'm not the only crazy runner who finds pleasure in running barefoot and was introduced to a small community called Barefoot Running Philippines.

21k run at Run United 2 finishing 2 hours 2min. 
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My confidence in running barefoot was boosted ten times over upon meeting kindred souls. Thus, another crazy idea jolted to me to venture running a half-marathon or 21 kilometers. Completing my first half marathon was tough but surprisingly with a much faster time than I expected and with no injuries. Somehow, my regular barefoot running on flat pavement for almost a year developed a special texture on the soles of my feet enabling them to endure the rough and small sharp pebbles on the road.

First 42k barefoot at SIM 2012
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A regular runner with shoes on would take half or even one day to recover from a 21k run. Apparently, when running barefoot, it would only take a few minutes and I was even able to accompany my wife with shopping for groceries a few hours after. So, barefoot running has become a regular thing for me and after several more 21ks and 32ks, I decided to project a running goal and that is to do the un-thinkable -- to run a full marathon 42.195km barefoot. And that's exactly what I did. Last 2012, I ran my first full marathon at the Subic International Marathon - Barefoot. 

Another 42k barefoot at QCIM 2012

A lot of people asked me if I still wear shoes when I run. Yes, I still do, most especially on trails where I use minimalist shoes. Well I guess that not all runners are built the way we barefoot runners run. If you're not ready to go crazy and run barefoot like me in order to boost your running prowess, you can still wear running shoes that fit you best and are comfortable on your feet. 

Speaking of "boost", check out the new adidas Boost! It's now available with preliminary stocks of 200 pairs ready to hit the road. This new innovation, which is centered in the proprietary cushioning material BOOST, allows the runner a continuous energy return. The revolutionary technology allows small energy capsules to store and unleash energy more efficiently with every stride.

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