Friday, March 1, 2013

RAPOO: Celebrating 10 years of Leadership in Digital Device-Peripheral

Just over a decade a ago, there has been a steady stream of innovation when it comes to revolutionary designs in both soft and hardware in computing machines. Palm gadgets became smaller then after a while it grew bigger again but regardless of their sizes, manufacturers of these machines are in continues pursuit to get the devices as sleek, as compact and as ergonomically comfortable as possible for the users.

Years ago, the higher the power of a device, the bigger also is the size, not to mention the wires and cords that were attached to it. In recent years, development of wireless devices became very popular not just in internet connectivity but also in most computer peripherals like key boards, mouse and other attachments. The first few companies that came up with these peripherals pegged them as too costly for most people, which are why very few would opt to buy one and use it.

RAPOO, a company dedicated in producing high quality computer peripherals for almost ten years, have finally launch their arrival in the Philippine market. In line with their celebration of their 10th year anniversary, Rapoo launch three top product lines that will certainly rave the tech and gadgets community.

The 5G Series are wireless optical mouse series that packs in strong anti-interference capabilities with surfree technology that allows it to run in any interface. The battery life of these series peripherals can last up to 18 months. The mouse series are capable to operate up to 10 meters in distance. They are fast and highly responsive surpassing other brands of its class.

Another front liner of Rapoo brands are the Audio Series. The wireless stereo head phones are unique and has a patented original design. Bluetooth accessibility capable, these are compact and are adaptable not just with a desktop or laptops but also with any smart phone brands. The earmuffs are very comfortable and can radically reduce external noise bringing only a superb quality listening pleasure. The small compact and stylish speakers are loaded with high fidelity sound and can also work on wired systems. It has a transmission distance at 10 meters and is compatible to all audio devices.

 About RAPOO:

Rapoo was founded in Shenzhen by 23-year-old Michael Tsang, initially, as an original design manufacturer (ODM) provider in Sept. 2002. Five years later, it formally introduced Rapoo as a brand and trade name. By December 2008, the label skyrocketed to the Top 3 companies lording over the market share in mainland China. By 2011, it opened its shareholdings and went public as a listed enterprise through IPOs with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

From a mere .8 percent market share in 2007, Rapoo has achieved in leaps and bounds by charting a growth 21 times in 2012, cornering 16.8 percent of the total market, and sharing the limelight with giants like Logitech and Microsoft. As a worthy recognition, Rapoo wins the prestigious IF Award in Germany; proof of its pioneering efforts that includes 110 patents to date.

And in celebration of its first decade in the IT industry, Rapoo has built the world’s biggest wireless product plant as an answer to its burgeoning market share all over Europe (Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland), the Philippines and the rest of Asia Pacific. 

Rapoo peripherals are distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions Philippines Inc.

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