Friday, March 1, 2013

Mondo Juice and SIP open hip new branch in Makati

Announcing a special treat to juicers, smoothers and milk-tea lovers in Makati, the Mondo Juice, a smoothie hub quit notable for their authentic best tasting fruit smoothie and SIP, the hippest milk-tea joint covering eleven branches around the metro are banding together to bring the best beverage of both worlds.

Contained in one hub, Mondo Juice and SIP open a branch in Rada Street in Makati to offer Makati professionals the healthiest and best tasting beverage in the city. It’s the only branch where owner Mr. Jon Kui and Joey Kui combines the two together. Quite different from its other branches, the store are much bigger with higher ceiling and with posh interior bringing the smoothie and milk-tea lovers a much fresh atmosphere.

As the fruit smoothie and milk-tea phenomenon starting to kick in, these beverages are getting a much wider young generation market. The youth who used to be the carbonated soda drinkers and caffeine fanatics, starts to switch to a much healthier lifestyle by choosing to drink fruit smoothie and milk-tea instead. 

However, not all fruit smoothie are created equal. As much as other smoothie bars claims to have the most natural and sugar-free contents, some of this are not apparently true. Only Mondo Juice follows very strict protocols in creating a perfect smoothie that combines the right fruit together in order to get the right sweetness that comes out from the fruits itself. For instance, as much as local produce of certain fruits are much affordable, Mondo Juice would opt to get imported ones as not to compromise with the quality that Mondo Juice offers.

Drinking a SIP Tea on the other hand is not quite of the ordinary where one can just punch a hole on the glass and just sip away all the contents in it. For SIP it is different. The SIP milk-tea concoction combines casual milk-tea drinking and fine art of sipping. For example, in order to enjoy the Chocolate Mestizo, a combination of two types of tea with flavored chocolate is to dip the straw all the way to the bottom, and as you sip one type of tea, you lift the straw a bit to taste another type of tea, giving a one of kind flavorful taste. This ritual is a unique experience only SIP can offer. 

Of course, the healthy beverages are not just the highlight of the bar but the food which offers a delectable unique experience as well. For Mondo, one must try the sandwiches where all of its contents are made inside Mondo. They even baked their own bread in order to get the best quality of bread. They also serve cheesecakes and other pastries. 

The branch in Rada Street in Makati is one of its kind and its designed to cater the working class professionals within the Makati area. SIP and Mondo Juice are the food project of the brother and sister Joey and Jonathan Kui. SIP with its 11 branches and Mondo with its four branches, the KUI’s are not stopping to venture out other places where the Milk-teas and Smoothies can be best appreciated.

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