Monday, March 18, 2013

Mister Donut: Unveils the Most Dramatic Change Ever…

In the last decade, donuts stores have been popping out everywhere bringing new innovations, such as best dough, best toppings, etc., that made Filipinos go ga-ga all over. And so the donut-battle continues as they break a niche to everyone’s market. For more than 30 years, a pioneer in the donut industry has made a breakthrough in the donut store concept that will shift everyone’s attention to the original.

Presenting the new look of Mister Donut, the Mister Donut Café. For more than three decades, the Donut leader has been continuously innovating to make the “usual” donut a special one. This year, the company decided to make a major facelift not just in the look but most specially the food and all the contents of the store has to offer. It is making a whole new dining experience.

Alongside with the all-time favorite donuts are menus for all-time breakfast ,pastas, burgers and even milkshakes are now ready to be served fresh and hot daily. Together with its debut look, is the launching of the newest line up in the donut lists, the PON DE RING. The Pon De Ring took Japan by storm several years ago is now making the Filipinos line up to get a taste of this awesome new experience of Pon De Ring, a soft and chewy that has become Asia’s number one Donut.

Last week, some Mister Donuts friends and members of the on-line media witness the unveiling of the newest concept store of Mister Donut Café at the Greenhills Shopping Complex, where we were served the newest set of menus of Mister Donut and of course the Pon De Ring. One food that struck me is the Wagyu bugers. Considerably priced fairly, this burger is a special one. Sandwiched in a sliced donut-bun is a wagyu burger patty with all the special dressing inside. 

The Greenhills Store is the first salvo of a lot of things to come with Mister Donut. Soon, other stores will be transformed to the café look and will bring donut aficionados a whole new donut experience.

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