Saturday, April 30, 2016

STREAMLINE Sports Instruction

I have four sons and when they were little, and our family get invited to a swimming pool party, supervising these four playing in the pool is one “life-guard” nightmare because they didn’t know how to swim then. When this happen, I’m the one normally had the lesser time for socials among other parents in the party, because I would spend the whole time looking after these active kids.

The methodologies of world-renowned swimming institutions such as Austswim, Total Immersion, and World Aquatic Baby Convention have also been adopted and integrated into the curriculum of the Streamline Sports Instruction swimming program. If you’re looking for quality instruction and a genuine commitment to help you or your child learn one of life’s most enjoyable yet vital skills, you’ve come to the right place!
Later on, we decided to enroll these boys to a swimming class one summer to learn some swimming skills. After that, my wife and I are more confident whenever we go to a pool party leaving the kids on their own in the water by themselves. When they got a little bigger I’m glad that they were the ones starting to supervise the smaller kids and giving them a few pointers.

Streamline Coaches with bloggers...
Just recently, I was invited to cover a swimming class organized by Streamline Sports Instruction Inc. Established in 2014, the group started out as a swim coaching business. Later on, the group expanded their services in other discipline like triathlon and multi-sports events. The event was divided into schedules according to age groups and My son, Gab and I joined the adult group of the class. 

A swimmer doing the basics under the close supervision of Coach Nonoy Basa...
My son and I know already know how to swim but we decided to join the class to get something new that will improve our efficiency in swimming. It’s a good thing we attended because we were able to learn other forms of which we think can improve our swimming. The demonstration of the swimming coaches were basics but I was able to observe some interesting points, where I can apply to my swimming form. At least I know what part or my swimming a need to change. 


My son Gab applying what he learned from Coach al (Taken with CherryMobile Action Cam)

After the quick demos, my son and I took the opportunity to practice the new found knowledge we learn from the coaches of StreamLine. On our first try, I noticed that I was able to swim straight with less efforts. After a few more laps, the coaches called us up for a short debriefing of what have learned. 
With Coach Al Gonzales...
What sets Streamline Instructions apart from other swimming coaching groups? Streamline Instruciton, with a 40 years in swim coaching experience, the coaches are fusion of various swimmers which are Philippines Record Holders, seasoned triathletes, and National water Polo players with one common passion and that is the joy of sharing the skills and knowledge of swimming.
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