Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Mr. Andy Warhol, one of the most iconic figure in the realm of art and pop culture flourished his popularity in three decades from 60’s to the 80’s, is now being celebrated by an equally iconic footwear Converese. Warhol, was the epitome of cultural expression via various media, may it be in the paintings, sculptures, and fashion design and even in the films he created.

Converese, the world’s most popular sneakers is like a time capsule. Made during the early 1900’s by Marquis Mills Converse, this pair of versatile foot wear are not just made to witness some of the most iconic events and personalities in history, but also part of history itself. Worn by some of the most famous celebrities, most especially during their early years while they’re struggling to hit the fame like Elvis Presley, the band America, Punk Rock legend Sex Pistols, the gang members of Jets and Sharks (West Side Story)  and of course Andy Warhol.  

Warhol in his hey-day, was an inspiration of many visual artists who depicts non-conforming rebellious expression of their time. In commemorating his life and work, Converse came out with Andy Warhol Banana printed All Star Chucks. These groovy sneaks are available in various designs both in high-cut and low cut sneaks. 

Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987)
The Andy Warhol Banana Printed Sneakers is one of Andy’s most iconic graphics and is now immortalized in the latest models of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. These versions are made in premium leather upper, chrome eyelets and of course, the famous Andy Warhol Banana Print. These collections are already available in Converse stores all over.

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