Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Country’s first archery challenge maze opens in the Sandbox at Alviera

Last 2012, I was invited to run in a trail running event in Subic, Zambales. Explorac was an 18 kilometer trail running race along the steep hills of Subic and sand dune formations made by the lahar flow from the last Mount Pinatubo eruption happened decades ago. 

Aqtiv Archery is the latest attraction at SandBox Alviera...
That running event was one of the kick off activities of Alviera, an Ayala land development in the Central Luzon. Alviera is a 1,100 hectare development of Ayala Land that features nature, residential and commercial landscape, much like the Nuvali of Sta. Rosa Laguna today.

Honoring the launch are the members of Council of Municipality of Porac, headed by Mayor Carling Dela Cruz and Oculus General Manager, Krizia Chu.
Sandbox, is just one of the main feature of Alviera that offers guests an exceptional adventure experience that can be enjoyed by all ages. When we first visited the place, the rides and activity facilities were on its early stages of construction. I was surprised a lot were added up in just a few years passed. 

One the attraction of SandBox that will test your limits...
And another additional highlight of Sandbox is the Aqtiv Archery by Oculus Archery. The archery range was inaugurated last year to encourage thrill seekers a new kind of sport adventure. But recently, Oculus placed the challenge a notch higher by allowing archers move along a maze and try to hit placed targets along the route as fast as they can. In just a two-minute time, an archer will have to hit five targets with a distance of just over five meters. It may look simple but these target are placed with moving obstacles and that is where the challenge comes in. 

Did some few sets at the Archery Range before heading on to the Aqtive Archery
“The launch of Aqtiv Archery is only the beginning as SandBox continues to expand in size and attractions in 2016, “ Said John Estacio, General Manager of Alviera. “Other attractions to be launched this year include a three hectare Urban Karting, Airsoft, and paintball facilities, together with the opening of restaurants.”

I think my son Gab, is a better archer than me...
 My son and I were invited to check out the place and witness the launching of the newest feature of Oculus Archery at Sandbox. Together with some member of the media, all of us were allowed try archery and I never thought I have a good hand in this type sport. It was quite challenging at first but as soon as I got the proper pose and grip, my shots got closer and closer to the target. And my son did pretty good as well.

Krizia showing us how to the course will flow...
After a few sets in the archery range, we moved to the Aqtiv-Archery and tried for the first time to hit moving targets within two minutes within the obstacle course. To add to the fun, each archer can wear medieval costumes. It will not guarantee a much accurate shots, but it will definitely look good in the pictures. As to my performance, the two-minute time was beyond to a novice like me, missing the last target. However, that first time experience with the Activ-Archery will not dampened my spirit because I will definitely go back at Sandbox and pursue another shot at the course.   

Ms. Jennifer Chua, Ayala Land Marketing Manager and Jomi de Guzman, Alviera General Manager
For more information on SandBox at Alviera, visit http://www.alviera.ph/ and http://www.facebook.com/AlvieraPH. For inquiries, email info.alviera@gmail.com or contact 09178033099 / (045) 432-0014.

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