Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Review: Cars 2

Disney-Pixar Entertainment has come up with another twist to a sequel movie where, most of the time, the principal character always gets the spotlight in saving the day. Cars 2 is the follow up story of the animated film bearing the same title that revved up kid and adult viewers alike a few years back.

Cars 2 will surely bring all the Disney followers to another level of car racing adventure that crosses familiar famous tourist destinations in four countries. In this movie, the popular racing car Lightning McQueen has certainly matured in character while winning car races and collecting piston cups trophies in every state. Radiator Springs likewise has finally emerged from the map and acquired fame for being the home town headquarters of the Piston Cup champion.

Movie viewers will certainly be dazzled by the new “car” characters like the classic Austin Martin named Finn McMissile who gave an entirely new touch to the story by its “James Bond” adventure side of the movie. In this sequel, Disney highlighted the character – Mater, who was the comical side-kick of McQueen in the previous movie. He has certainly proven to be loyal friend and emerged to be more than a pit-stop crew.

Another interesting character in the film is Francesco Bernoulli, a cocky Italian Formula One race car who challenged McQueen for the Race of the Century that spans four countries. Sir Miles Axlerod, the Land Rover adventurer turned-environmentalist, initiated the whole race spectacle but turned out to be more than just a nature advocate in the end.

The film highlighted the lessons of friendship and loyalty. It teaches also the value of humility and how the “dents and scratches” that an individual acquires through life are the very elements needed to build one’s character and help him become a better person in the end.
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