Sunday, August 7, 2011

Restaurant Review: Wing Hub in Metrowalk, Ortigas

“One more bite and I would probably grow chicken wings on my back.” That was my funny afterthought when my wife and I visited Wing Hub restaurant at Metrowalk, Ortigas in Pasig City last week. Nowadays, specialty restaurants are becoming more popular; flourishing one by one in and around the metro. One of these is the Wing Hub which food hunters ought not to miss checking. It specializes in chicken wings that come in eight different savory recipes.

Unlike other restaurants that serve chicken wings, Wing Hub prepares the dishes uniquely different from their rivals. While many chicken wing restos get their flavors only on the breading level, giving it a skin-deep taste, Wing Hub marinates its wings in 12 flavorful ingredients so guests can even get to enjoy eating them inside-out even without the breading or the sauces.

Among the line-up of favorites, we got to taste the most common flavor of chicken wings. Marinated in special ingredients, the Buffalo Wings come in two level of spiciness. We got to try the hotter kind and it was fantastic. The taste of the marinated ingredients penetrated the chicken meat even if it’s hot. I decided to eat just a piece because the cut of the wings were extra huge and I needed to set a pace, as well as tummy space, for the other dishes on our table.

Another signature chicken wing recipe of the Wing Hub is the Chicken Wing Garlic Parmesan. Among the other wings, I can say that this one is my personal favorites. It has the spicy ingredients minus the glazed breaded sauce that coats much of the chicken taste. Plus, the sprinkled parmesan on top suits the tangy taste of garlic making it a great tasting chicken wing for me.

Other tasty chicken wing treats come in Taiwanese, Hawaiian, and Thai flavors as well as Pinoy Barbeque for those who love the good old fashioned BBQ. taste 

Now, for those who feel they might have too much chicken to eat in one day, you can try other special treats such as the Fish and Chips, 747 Indonesian Spareribs, and Crispy Baby Squid.

For individuals and groups who crave for burgers, the Black Box Trio covers the extraordinary. These are three mini burgers in three different kinds of patties. In one serving, you’ll get to enjoy chicken, burger and lamb patties both kids and grownups would enjoy savoring.

Aside from the great food, what really makes Wing Hub extra special are the renowned chefs who are behind every delicious food they serve. We were lucky enough to meet the faces behind the names on their logo: Chef Drew, Chef Humphrey, and Chef Manoj. Each of them have years of culinary experience that make them very much able to create a wide variety of good food and good taste that every member of the family will love to experience.

In short, Wing Hub is where you can find the best tasting chicken wings prepared by great chefs!

If you don’t have time to visit the place yet but would like to sample Wing Hub’s yummy dishes, just call City Delivery at 87-878 to order.
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