Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FTX Fly Yoga: A yoga experience in a different high

Fitness Exchange Center FTX is creating a lot of buzz lately since it opened just a year ago. Popularly noted for its unique physical fitness programs, this fitness center is starting to attract a lot of health buff people wanting to get in shaped not from the usual gym machine but in a more exciting fitness program and regimen that focuses not only the body but also the mind and soul.

For the past two media events, FTX featured two of its popular programs, the cirquefit and the pole dancing. And just recently, a third unique class finally made its media debut and to the public, the Fly Yoga.

Fly Yoga is not your typical yoga program that a person made to sit in one place in various positions and meditate. The fly yoga is a more dynamic body movement that allows a person to be in suspended animation using a special type of cloth that is hanged vertically. This cloth allows a yogist to perform various yoga positions much similar to the ones used in a normal yoga session. The distinct body positions with the cloth make fly yoga a more challenging and exciting regimen.

Last February 29, 2012, FTX formally unveil the fly yoga class to the media with Ms. Isla Rosete as the head instructor. One thing that is also distinctly different about Fly Yoga is the music or beat accompaniment. That is why along with the exercise demonstrations; drum beats were incorporated to give the exercise a more attractive feel. Mr. Paul Zialcita noted for his indigenous drums and percussion paced the yoga demonstrations into a more exotic atmosphere. 

Currently, the fly yoga has six students in which one is a male. This only proves that fly yoga are not limited to female physique but to guys as well. After the demonstrations, FTX treated the guests with sumptuous dinner courtesy of SumoSam. While the people were enjoying the food and fellowship, Paul Zialcita conducted a short and informal workshop on Drums where many including me got interested to try one as well. The drums were actually mineral water container that were positioned up-side-down and mounted on a kiddy rattan walker. The drums were filled with water according to the right tone it projects. Amazingly, these drums give fine tones much better with the ones that are commercially available.

Isla and other yoga facilitators encouraged everyone to try doing some yoga moves. Photo sessions were set up to capture your best yoga post as souvenirs. Isla made to do an intricate pose with a lot of back stretching. It’s a good thing I was able to hold that pose for a few seconds to capture it on cam.

Know more about fly yoga and the schedule of classes at FTX and get your muscles toned and your mind relax in a blissful fly yoga session. They are located at Unit 202, #3 Tordesillas Place, Makati City.
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