Saturday, March 10, 2012

RUNNR: Now serving running afficionados in the south

Running has been my personal health regimen for almost three years now. For many people running injuries are commonly attributed to many factors such as incorrect running form, bad posture, insufficient training the most common of all is the wrong type of foot wear.

During my early days of running, I used to wear shoes that were hand me downs by my sister who is also a runner herself in the US which were relatively a bit smaller to my shoe size. At first, I never really mind at all and I’m grateful for her benevolent. In short, I never had the opportunity to really choose the shoes appropriate for me then, and this has resulted to some less than nice running experiences in the past. It’s only recently that I got the chance to buy my own shoes where I had the privilege to be assisted professionally by a shoe expert and fit the correct shoes for me.

Just recently, another rare opportunity came in when I was invited to witness the official launching of RUNNR Store in Ayala Town Center in Alabang. Part of the event was an Amazing Race type of game where I and members of the media have participated. It was a team effort of two people, whose task is to visit several sponsored store out lets and the first team to complete the tasks will win prizes. A blogger friend Jeman Villanueva of Orange magazine TV was my partner and since both of us are form Alabang, we got the home court advantage and we are very familiar with all of the stores in ATC. In the end, we came in to be the first team to finish the race.

At first, we were not aware of the prizes in-stored for us, but as soon as the MC announced the winner, I was awe struck by package awarded to us. Among the RUNNR ‘s cool products are a new pair of NEWTON Running shoes! The brand of choice of the best tri-athletes in the world and every runners’ dream of having including me. For a running enthusiasts like me who have survived races for years with hand-me-down shoes, a pair of new Newton shoes is actually more than a dream come true because I could never afford to buy a superb shoes like this one.

NEWTON Shoes is just one of the brands RUNNR Store is offering. Noted to be the country’s first world-class running specialty store, RUNNR offers state of the art FOOTWORX System. It is a combination of footprint analysis where a runner is made to step on a plate that reads the feet if it’s over-pronating, under-pronating, flat footed or neutral and a sophisticated Gait Analysis where a runner is made to run on a treadmill for a few minutes and a high speed camera will record the running activity. A computer will then analyze the running form therefore knowing the specific type of running shoes specifically designed to the type of feet a person has.

So fitting the shoes is no longer enough to get the right one, RUNNR makes sure that once a person buy a running shoes, he or she would enjoy the sport for a long time free from discomfort and injuries brought about by incorrect foot wear.

Among the best brands of running shoes available in the market today, RUNNR also offers wide range of running gears such as Polar, Smith optics, Fuelbelt, Nathan, GU, CEP, Spenco and Equip, accessories that will certainly make the running more enjoyable.

Another highlight of the launch was a very helpful running clinic form the country’s two most sought after running coaches namely, Jineo Gavan of and US certified running coach Jay Valencia. The two resource speakers demonstrated valuable insights on running, beneficial for those who are new or even considering engaging for the first time in this type of sport. After which, the event was also graced by the owner of RUNNR, Mr. Toby Claudio himself. A running enthusiasts for many years, Mr. Claudio have enlighten the media and guests with his inspiring story how he was able to overcome health obstacles through running with much determination.

The new RUNNR Store is located at the second level of The Garden at Alabang Town Center. To know more a lot of world-class running gear, visit, facebookcom/RUNNRPhils or or follow

As a benevolent  gesture, RUNNR store and Orange MagazineTV is giving away a pair of NEWTON MV2 Running shoes to anyone who wish to try the Newton experience. Go to the link and get to know more on how to join.
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