Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Review: Uncle Cheffy - Brick Oven Global Cuisine

The first time I’ve been to an Uncle Cheffy resto was when I was invited to an apparel event, a boutique which carries the 1980’s iconic shoes, Sperry Top-siders. The dinner was held at Uncle Cheffy Eastwood Mall and the event was so memorable for two things; one, the social conversations on the table was reminiscing the eighties which a few of fellow bloggers was able to relate to and two, the food that was served to us was so gastronomically fantabulous!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to do a food tasting event in one of Uncle Cheffy resto’s branch in Wynsum Building in Ortigas Center. Me and five other food bloggers got to have the chance to indulge once again the great tasting food of Uncle Cheffy.

The first on the menu among Uncle Cheffy’s best tasting dishes is his favorites, the UNCLE CHEFFY FAVORITES PANIZZA. Made from oven dried tomatoes with mushroom garlic, chili flakes basil and three types of special cheeses. 

The EAST MEETS WEST PANIZZA is actually two types of flavors served in one wood-slab platter. One-half is filled with tomatoes, salami with kesong puti and the other half is topped with mango, parmaham and salted eggs also on three types of cheeses. 

And for the sea food lovers, the SEA FOOD LOVERS PANIZZA is a certain delight to try. The thin crusts layered with three types of cheeses were topped with salmon, shrimp, clams, squid, sprinkled with special herbs and onions. 

For the veggie lovers but like to have a taste of meat on the side, the UNCLE CHEFFY SALAD is one good tasting salad in uncle Cheffy’s menu. The composition is a neatly chopped crispy pork belly with asparagus, potato and mesclun in dijonaise dressing and alfalfa herbs on top.

After that filling series of panizzas and salad, we were served with BOILED CORNED BEEF with potato and cabbage to neutralize our taste bud for another set of dishes. 

The next series started with MEMPHIES US BEEF BACK RIB FINGERS. This tender-to-the bone was barbequed to perfection and served with marble-baked potato with two different types of sauces.

After which, was followed by GRILLED CREAM DORY IN MEUNERIE SAUCE, a dish which was memorably delicious with or without the sauce.  It was served with fresh lettuce and a sprinkle of alfalfa herbs.

The ROASTED CHICKEN MAURINO is more like a lechon manok in adobo-like sauce which for me is a perfect twist.

The SPECIAL RICE is actually fried rice with anchovies with lots of caramelized garlic. Best partner with Grilled Cream Dory.

And finally, came the disserts. There were three types that were served, SUGAR FREE CHEESE CAKE, great for those who are watching their sugar intake and weight. And for me, this was my personal favorite…

The CHOCOLATE ROULADE is like a chiffon roll stuffed with mango yogurt with mango slices on the side served in a very nice presentation...

And last but not certainly the least is the CHOCOLATE PARFAIT IN PANDAN CREPE. This piece is Uncle Cheffy’s best seller in the dessert line.

While enjoying your delicious meal, you can also check out some of the art-work on display because they are all for sale as well.

These mouth watering dishes are just a few of Uncle Cheffy’s best. Much more await for those who wishes to try the Uncle Cheffy experience in nine branches all over the metro. This particular branch is located at the 2nd floor of the Wynsum Building along Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
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