Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FLORING'S: Pinoy grilled dishes at its finest!

As the Bonifacio Global City continue to flourish with developments of high rise building offices, so does the food business and restaurants that are now bustling with all kinds of dishes ready to serve the growing market and appetite of BGC. For the corporate and condo residents nothing is more familiar than the usual posh hubs and fine dining restos that serve international cuisine along the Bonifacio High street area that comes with a pricy tags. For students and young professional newbies, their livable lunch-budget suites them well in the fast-food belt in Market-Market. 

However, little that many people know, a “fine-dining” quality dishes can be available in a more affordable rates right in the heart of BGC. To be more specific, it is actually located at the corner of 34th Avenue and 4th street. This new food-cradle is no other than FLORING’S barbeque and grill. Associated among the familiar names in the food industry business such as Crisostomo, Market on the 5th, Sweet Pea and Johnny Cow, Floring’s is just one of the 12 master pieces of Chef Florabel Co-Yatco.

A couple of weeks ago, I was so fortunate to be invited as one of the food-bloggers to get a taste of Floring’s lunch time best sellers. The first on the list is the 2Pc. Pork BBQ served with Java rice and achara. At P120, this combo-meal suites the budget of the young professionals who wish to have a filling lunch break. The serving of two sticks BBQ can also serve two people with an order of extra rice.

The Pork Sisig is one talk-of-the town experience. Served on a hot plate, it comes also with a fresh egg on top with a DIY dip with hot chili and Kalamansi. I’m not much of a fan of Sisig but this one is one of the best I’ve tasted.

Another best seller is the Lechon Manok. A very special Lechon Manok I’ve tasted. According to Chef, the chicken were marinated in special spices and injected with pineapple juice and let it cured for several days. This makes the Lechon Manok extra delicious. 

To balance off the meat, the Tortang Talong definitely did the trick. Served with chopped onions and tomatoes and with spicy toppings of fish paste (bagoong) sauted in garlic. 

And the grand finale, is a glass of Halo-Halo with lecheflan and ube toppings.

Visit Floring’s BBQ grill and try their delicious Pinoy delis in a very affordable prices. The restaurant is already open as early as 10am where one can order breakfast pinoy specials like Beef Tapa, Pork Longganisa, Chicken Tocino and much more.
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