Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Review: Clawdaddy Has Gone Italian

In the next coming months, ClawDaddy Restaurant, popularly known serving one of the best American grilled dishes and best tasting crabs will bring a new spice in their menu. Pasta dishes with authentic Italian sauce sprinkled with herbs and spices, pizzas with a special type of dough will be among the additional best treats one will now find in ClawDaddy.

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to attend a food tasting event in one of ClawDaddy's branch in Shangri-la Mall in Mandaluyong City. Last year, I already had a taste of ClawDaddy’s best tasting crabs dishes in another branch which made them famous for. This time, the treat was of a different kind – an Italian kind. 

This “twist” of the crustacean resto is another innovation of Chef Peter Ayson to bring a fresh appetite to the usual followers of the resto. It is an extension of the wide choices Clawdaddy where people can have a wider variety of food to eat not just crabs and grill dishes. According to Chef Peter, “not many people would eat crabs every day. Not only they are quite pricy for some, but also considered as a dish which can be best served with another ant re and the best alternative for rice is the pasta. “ chef explained. 

Not only that pasta are more affordable compared to crabs or steak, it also very filling that will give customers a sense of fullness after eating. As a culture of many Filipinos, Pinoys would judge a meal to be satisfactory not only by taste but also the element of “filling” or the “busog” factor that would define it if the experience is worth the price.

The new menu is not only the additional element in ClawDaddy but also the look of the resto. The branch in Shang was made-over into a more rustic-Italian look with some European accent on the design. However, this new look of ClawDaddy will be applied in some branches and others will retain the original theme.

For the avid guests of Claw Daddy, New Orleans and Crustacia restaurants the new Italian dishes is something one may look forward of trying .

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