Thursday, March 1, 2012

Movie Review: Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengence

Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance is a sequel to the 2007 film which solicited much support among Marvel Comic fans. Right after the movie hit the big screen; I remember comic books sales skyrocketing along with the action figures that came in different sizes and poses. 

This sequel is about Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) going into hiding in Eastern Europe to conceal his demonic alter ego from coming out every so often in public. In this movie, a French orthodox priest named Moreau (played by Ildris Elba) sought him out to save a boy from another of Satan’s plans to raise the next anti-Christ.

In this film, Johnny Blaze was teamed up with Nadya (played by Violante Placido), a mother who will do everything to protect her son from the Devil’s minions. Violante, a not so familiar but extra talented Italian actress, singer, and songwriter, was first seen in the movie The American starring George Clooney.

Cage, who is better noted for his explicit and cool acting personality, did not perform spectacularly as far as acting is concerned although the 3D effects were superb and brought credits to the cinematography and directing prowess of Mark Neveldine and Bryan Taylor.

Christopher Lambert made a short appearance as Methodius, the leader of the monks who were sworn into secrecy and hiding. They were ever watchful in the coming of the anti-Christ and were sworn to destroy it at all costs. In the attempt of finally getting their hands on the boy and ultimately destroying him, the monks were killed by the Devil’s pawns.

In some related reviews, Spirit of Vengeance was said to be a new beginning for the ghost rider story. In the event that he was finally freed from the curse of the Rider, his power was once again revived through the power that was vested on the boy at some point where he was about to receive the final rites from the Devil himself therefore finally completing him in becoming the anti-Christ. Having given a new Rider power, Johnny Blaze ultimately destroyed all demons and freed the boy.

The story of this sequel was not something to be highlighted but the action and stunts were more than amazing. Marvel fans would definitely celebrate this movie to be a great film. Story wise though, it’s something Marvel should improve on if they’re planning a Ghost Rider part three.

Ghost Rider is distributed by Warner Bros. and is still showing in the big screens in major cinemas in the metro.

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