Sunday, July 20, 2014

Robinson’s Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2014

Robinson’s Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run celebrates seven years of continued commitment for wellness and health. By its signature tradition, Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run promotes wellness with a buddy, because it’s more fun to pursue wellness and healthy lifestyle with a pair.

Last July 6, 2014, my son and I were very fortunate to join this running event for the very first time. We registered to run together in the 10k category. In the previous years, one reason why I was not able to run Robnison's Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run, is because I had difficulty of finding a partner to run with. My son Gab, though he has been running for quite some time, it was only this year he was able to break the 10k distance. 

The Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run offers two distances which are 5k and 10k only. Despite having two categories, this event was able to gather more than 5,000 runners on the race day. I am so glad that my son is getting a hang of running, resulted by my continued encouragement over the years. I remember when he was just starting, keeping a continued pace for 5k was a big challenge. Now, a 10k distance is a breeze for him. I would love to see the day when he can run long distance with me, or maybe even surpass me in the near future. 

After the race we finished together at an easy pace of 1 hour, 6 min. Not my ideal pace, but at least, we finished the race together strong without any injuries. Since its our first time to participate in this fun run, both of us were so surprised of the loot-bags that were given to all finishers. Both of us took home a bag of groceries courtesy of Robinson’s Supermarket. 

I have been to many races in the past and this race is one of the very few who gave runners more than what they have paid for in the registration, Not only that, participating booths were flooded with food that were being distributed to all runners indiscriminately. The assembly area was practically a food festival. My son and I were so happy for our first Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run. Next year, we will definitely register again. Perhaps, other members of my family can register as well. 

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