Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Movie Review: X-Men First Class

For guys like me who grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s, Marvel and DC comics were among the highlights of my high school life, even up to college days. For the new generation of today, like my kids who are all goofed up with game consoles and social network sites, it’s very seldom anymore to see young ones hanging around in comic book shops and buying or collecting hard copies of comic books. Often times, we see older people buying them instead.

Last night, I had a wonderful time watching another segment movie of the X-Men courtesy of 20th Century Fox at the SM Mall of Asia. After seeing the last three batches of X-Men movies, I still have this excitement and anticipation of how this new movie would turn out. It’s like after reading an X-Men comic book, you’ll start to wonder what will happen next and can’t wait to buy the next copy. Only this time, you’ll get to appreciate the advances of technologies in motion picture, whereas in comic books, you can only imagine.

The movie is another prequel of the X-Men saga. For non-comic aficionados like my wife, previous X-Men movies may have left you with some questions which finally came out clear in prequel movies like this one. But for the comic freaks, who have eyes for details, we can’t help not to be too critical when we see some inconsistencies of the movie. I am not typing those down, however, so as not to spoil your viewing pleasure.

But overall, this latest offering gave me more than just entertainment but excitement as well in anticipation of the next X-Men movie to come out.
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