Saturday, November 2, 2013

Avaya launches the new IP Office 9.0

Several years ago, Avaya has been known only in the hardware components used by call center companies. In fact, approximately eight out of 10 call center agencies operating in the Philippines today uses Avaya in their PBAX Telephony system. But in recent developments, Avaya have evolved into a much bigger industry covering not just the hardware of telecoms but the software applications as well. 

Last October 16, 3013, Avaya, a leader in telephony provider in customer telecom services unveils new software designed from the ground up to streamline the way midmarket companies collaborate and communicate. And at the center of this unveiling is the newest Software Avaya IP Office 9.0. It is a single software platform for collaboration with highly flexible deployment options for companies up to 2,000 users that is capable of being deployed in as little as one hour. 

With enormous expansion, big players in the banking industry now use Avaya software. Two of the biggest resort casino in the country today Resort World and Soleire Casino Resort uses Avaya in all their digital information requirements. In addition to their top users of IP Office 9.0 is the coming Winter Olympics to be held at Sochi, Russia.

With this aggressive growth, the company’s services dominate 70% as software applications and platforms and are now ranked as the 5th largest software infrastructure in the world.  

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