Monday, November 4, 2013

Siklab: Now serving Filipino Favorites that are worth dining for

The Bistro Group, a pioneer in casual dining restaurants, which offers mostly foreign cuisine, finally opened a Filipino Restaurant that depicts Pinoy’s everyday favorite. Since its inception in 1994 in the opening of the first T.G.I Fridays, the Bistro Group has grown to manage more than 50 chain of restaurants all over the country. They’re the same group that brought some iconic food shops and restaurants such as Italianis, which has now 15 branches, of course TGI Fridays with 13 branches, Fish & Co and others. 

And now, after 20 years, they are proud to bring in to their loyal food followers something that totally home-grown, introducing SIKLAB Filipino Favorites. SIKLAB is located at the third level of Greenblet 3, right in the heart of the Makati Business District. As the name implies, Siklab specializes in the grilled cuisine which a lot of people are craving for. But of course, the stew-like dishes are also worth a try.   

Last October 21, 2013, Siklab opens its doors to the media particularly food-bloggers who were treated with some of its top-notch specialty.

 I settled down together with some of the food bloggers who were invited that day and upon sitting down, the friendly waiters offers us some of their special healthy beverages. Among them is the Fresh Lemonade with fresh basil leaves. They also have vegetable juices like carrot and celery.

First dish on the table is the Kuhol cooked in coconut juice. The coconut soup is a little bit spicy but tolerable for my palate. The kuhol is delicious as well. But I guess a dish like this is an acquired-taste for some because no many like eating shell dishes. The dish is served with small forks to scoop the meat inside the shell. At least, no more effort in sucking the meat out of the shell which was the usual process of eating them. 

Soon after the kuhol, is  a lighter meal, the Crispy Pork-belly Bacon. These are bacon strips cooked in deep fried, served with lemon and chopped onions and chili.This one is good also but not to my taste since I'm not fund of eating bacon. But for some who are fund of eating bacon, like my wife, I'm sure you'll enjoy them, because its not too salty. 

Crispy Pork Belly adobo in eggplant. It was my first time to eat this type of adobo, but its good. The meat of the pork belly were not so tough and the skin of the pork were also so east to eat. 

Nos this one is definitely something different. Its Sisig-Fried Rice. For me, its more like a toppings. Ideal for those who wish to eat with something on top of it to complete the "ulam" -rice combo. Good for those who wants to have a quick lunch in between work. 

This one is something to look forward to. Siklab's version of Pinakbet. It has all the usual pinakbet ingridients inside plus with some twist in the sauce and crust chicharones on top. The sauce is a little spicy too but not too salty, that is why it taste really good. 

The grilled dishes is what makes Siklab is known for. The grilled spare-ribs are definitely something you don't want to miss when you visit Siklab. The meat are marinated in Coconut and soysauce with Chef Josh's secret recipe. The chicken barbecue are cooked in the same way. 


Now, if your're saving some space in your tummy for desserts, there two desserts you don't want to miss. The special Biko with choco-powder on top and the Toron 2.0. This I decided not to describe as to not to spoil your anticipation. Better to taste them firsthand and experience a blissful moment as you devour each one them.  
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