Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas is in the air at Crosswinds, Tagaytay…

My first visit to Crosswinds Tagaytay was in July of this year when my wife, Ruth got a free ”staycation” where all of us family stayed in a Family suite with a breath-taking view of rolling hills with pine trees and swiss-inspired villas. Though the stay was a short one, spending two days in a luxury suite with my family was beyond treasures. So, after that short staycation, we drove back to Manila and brought home valuable memories. 

Just a few months after, last November, my wife and I had another opportunity to visit Crosswinds again. I was so quite excited because the temperature is much cooler this time. Though the opportunity was just a day trip, the visit was quite special because it was the launching of Crosswinds Christmas Tree and lights.

The event started with a few photo ops of the rooms of Crosswinds where the blogging group had a very cool time enjoying the scenery and delightful snack prepared for us. After which, the shuttle service brought us to the helipad  area where the giant Christmas tree was placed. It was almost sunset when we got there and the scene was so picturesque. 

People gather around a stage where a Christmas play was being performed while a choir sang Christmas carols. Each of us was given tarpaulin mats where we sat and a piece of canvas kept us warm while we enjoy the show. 

Soon after the play was finished the host invited all the people to gather around the giant Christmas tree and made its count down and all of us joined in the count. As soon as it hit one, a grand display of fire works filled the evening sky while the lights on the tree were being lit one by one. It was an amazing scene all of us enjoyed.

Soon after, we all took our photos around the tree in turns and we were invited for a sumptuous dinner hosted by the Hospitality Innovators Inc. HII is an hotel and resort management group that handles sixteen different hotels in the Philippines including the Crosswinds Hotel. The Crosswinds Hotel is just a part of the vast development in Tagaytay by Vista Land that offers luxurious residences carefully nestled in rolling hills of greens and pine trees, and one can actually experience a feel of Switzerland with just a two-hour drive from Manila. 

The night was still early but the group needs to go down to Manila. We all enjoyed our short stay but certainly will look forward of visiting again this very nice place with my family.    

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