Sunday, June 8, 2014

OPPO Arrives in the Philippines with the Find 7

OPPO, the newest player arrives in the Philippines with its flagship product model FIND 7. Oppo is an international phone brand from China that is committed to conquer the market of mobile smart phone across the globe. 

Recently, the mobile phone brand finally launches its opening to the Philippine mobile community at the premier Hotel Sofitel. Little did many people know, Oppo has been in the mobile technology industry for more than 10 years already capturing global markets in more than 140 countries. 

Its mantra is to provide the ever developing consumers a better alternative to smart phone experience, and that is to fuse art, functionality and technology. The company is constantly in pursuit to adapt to the changing times and changing preference of the young smart phone users. 

In the Launch, Oppo executives from China presented to the audiences how Oppo phones can be very versatile with their several models, each possessing a unique feature that clads to the a specific personality of a smart phone user. 


The Find 7 is Oppo’s forefront model smart phone which changes the landscape of how a mobile phone should look like. The frame is made from aerospace qualified Titanium Alloy  which is so light yet so durable. The screen is made from Gorilla Corining glass making it virtually scratch proof. It is powered by a quad-core processor under 2.4Ghz, making it the fastest in processing among its class. It also has a 13 mega pixel camera which is quite the standard in pixel size comparable to Samsung Galaxy s5, Lenovo k900 and others. 

Speaking of photo quality, Find 7 does not only take good pictures but it also captures crisp images with its Sony IMX214 CMOS Sensor with wide aperture to take in more light in taking pictures even in a very low light conditions. 

Another unique feature of Find 7 is the battery feature. It has the VOOC rapid charging technology which increases the charging speed by up to 400 percent. The battery has a 3000mAh capacity but it can be fully charged approximately in 30 minutes. This boosts practically increased the life capacity of the battery up to 75 percent. The SRP for this phone is competitively pegged at P26,000. Much lower compared to Samsung Galaxy S5, but a little pricier than Lenovo k900 which is like P21,000.


Other Oppo Phone is the N1 which features a rotating camera. But for me is more of an aesthetic feature since almost all smart phones now has a reverse camera feature. Plus a part of the phone that moves mechanically compromises its durability. But one cute feature of the N1 is the O-touch, which allows you to scroll the screen by swiping the back panel of the phone. Now, you don’t have to worry about smudges on your screen if in case your finger tips are dirty, because you don’t have to touch the screen and still find the images you’re looking for minus the smudges.  You may want also to check Oppo’s top phone models such as R1, Find 5 Mini and Neo. 

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