Saturday, June 28, 2014

Robinson’s Supermarket: Celebrate Family healthy living with Wellness Festival

Healthy living has been the steady trending culture among many Filipinos ever since the running sensation captured everyone’s lifestyle in the last decade. If there is one good culture Filipinos are making great improvements, is adapting a healthy lifestyle. At last, many of this healthy Pinoys are starting to think what’s good for his health.  

This healthy lifestyle is not only limited to exercise but extends to the very substance that we take in to our bodies. Many foods available today in grocery stores do not have enough healthy ingredients that will help keep us fit. One good news is that there are some stores that offers not just low price on food items but also give you good information that the food you are buying is tagged as DOST-FNRI certified healthy foods.

Last June 19, 2014, Robinson’s Supermarket launches its three-day series Wellness festivals in Robinson’s Magnolia from June 19-22. This Wellness Festival aims to offer Filipino Families to eat healthy foods and be informed about the right nutrition to gain a fit and Healthy Lifestyle. Robinson’s forged a partnership with the Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition institute (DOST-FNRI) to certify the products that passed its nutrition standards.

The festival was also participated by various brands that supported Robinson’s Wellness Campaign.  It includes Uniliver Products, Nestle, Dizon’s Farm, Abbott, Breville and Magnolia products. These brands offers free consultations and free sample products that will show the consumers that their brands carry the DOST-FNRI certification. 

So the next time you visit Robinson’s Supermarket take notice of the color tags that comes with the price tag. Each color represent s a special feature, either price-down sale, a brand comes with a free product or for the green-tag, it means the product are grown organically and passes DOST-FNRI nutrition standards.  

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