Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Pharmaton Life Chargers

Be inspired by the lives of five exceptionally talented individuals who draw energy and strength from their own personal advocacies for social change. These individuals are Pharmaton’s Life Chargers.

Early this year I had the opportunity to meet a super Life charger, who disguised as mild-mannered manager of Philippine Sea-Farer’s Union – AMOSOUP by weekdays, and a dedicated teacher / trainnor of a little leaguer football academy which he founded to hone talents of small but eager footballers on Weekends. He is no other than Mr. Maxie Abad. He is Pharmaton’s Life Charger where he finds inspiration and strength to juggle work and passion from his family and the small children he patiently coach during Saturdays. 

Recently, Pharmaton was able to find other passionate people like Maxie who share the same dedication to inspire other people in their field of expertise.

Ms. Hindy Weber Tantoco, most noted in the field of fashion designing, has discovered her niche in the fields of organic-agriculture, and healthy living. From her new found passion, she created Holy Carabao Farms, where she grow her own organic vegetables, initially for personal use but eventually grew into a medium scale agri-enterprise. Her personal mantra is to uplift the lives of others to bring beauty from within. 

Another Pharmaton Life charger who finds energy from children is Ms. Michelle Ressa Aventajado. After having a child with special needs, Michelle became committed to advocate and support the well-being of children with special needs. She also promotes Best Buddies that integrate these children in the main stream environment through one-to-one friendships. She is passionate in lobbying to initiate policies that will correct the negative culture on how society engages such people with special capabilities.

Chef Rob Pengson is no stranger for many. He’s an iconic figure in the field of culinary arts and very much visible in the TV screens bringing its viewers an exceptional take in delectable dishes that he love to cook. Part from being a chef celebrity, he is also the head chef of an award winning restaurant, The Goose Station located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City. With the entire work load that surrounds him, what fuels his passion on a daily basis is being a mentor. He recently started the Epicurean Lab that highlights the science in culinary art. This lab is actually part of the Science department of Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy. Its aim is to promote modern gastronomy to the local industry. He believes that many young Filipino out there have a lot to offer in the field of culinary. And by sharing his knowledge will even hone these talents to a much brighter potentials. 

And last but not the least is a person who is quite known to a lot people both in the field of sports and broadcasting. He is no other than the Sportscast icon Mr. Anthony Suntay. A prolific broadcaster and sports events hosts, both here and abroad, Anthony is also a dedicated father who draws strength and inspiration from his two scrapping boys. Being an international sportscaster, he was able to learn so much about all types of sports which makes him a well-rounded athlete. Somehow the sports iconic figures which he features in his daily work, serves a motivation for him to push forward and reach higher goals. In the same way he cherishes these values and applies it in his own craft as a sportscaster. 

Last August 18, 2014, these remarkable Pharmaton life Chargers were gathered together in an event where they expressed their field of expertise, their success in the lives of other people they became very significant with. They also share their daily challenges and frustrations, through the negative experiences; they were all able to accomplish a much relevant goals that affects not just themselves but the people around them. 

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