Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weather Philippines: Accurate Weather Report from the Grass-roots

In the last several decades, the Philippines, more than any country in the world, received the most number of typhoons in a year, receiving 24 typhoons on the average per year. That is why Filipinos are said to be one of the most resilient people on earth, having to endure one calamity after another.

But as much as we are one tough spirit, communities living in the typhoon path, usually at the eastern seaboard of the Pacific Ocean, can only endure so much beating, most especially fisher folks living in the coastal areas, who receive vital weather reports a little too late or not as accurate.

Our own weather bureau- Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration – PAGASA, uses forcasting models which covers a much wider scope of area a typhoon can affect. Apparently, in reality, the strength of a typhoon varies from one area to another, even if these areas are under the same warning signal. Using such models can never achieve accuracy on a localized scale.

Therefore, there will be tendencies to over-prepare or under prepare with lack of accurate weather information. Businesses may cancel work and loose money despite fair weather and vacation trips get ruined in spite of clear skies.

Weather Philippines is a non-profit foundation that provides premier weather sensing and forcasting system made possible by up-to-date technology in modern weather forcasting. Its system is supported by partnership with business and local government units in all regions that systematically relay vital information gathered by its weather stations to communities greatly affected by the impact of any weather disturbances.  

Created by the Aboitiz Group and its business partners, such as Union Bank and Metro Group, it delivers free, more localized and more accurate information accessible by a mobile web application through  Presently, Weather Philippines has deployed more than 750 weather stations nationwide and have partnered with 586 LGUs and business enterprises, whose tasks is the safe keeping and management of these weather stations.

Last week, Weather Philippines invited members of the media to a day-trip of relaxation at the Anvaya Cove, Morong, Bataan. We were treated with great food, while we listened to a basic mountaineering course courtesy of one of the partners of Weather Philippines, Mountain Hardware. Part of the Primer Group, the staff of Mountain Hardware are responsible of helping the foundation in scaling mountains and remote villages in deploying the weather stations.

After the short seminar, some of us took the remaining extra time to dip in the cool waters of the pool of the resort while other stroll the clean gray sandy beach and grabbing every opportunity to shoot pictures on some of the great scenic views while the sun sets over the horizon. Even if there was a low pressure area coming our way, our day at Anvaya was not spoiled because we were confident that the weather in that part of the region was all clear and sunny. Thanks to the accurate report of Weather Philippines’ weather stations. 

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