Thursday, March 3, 2016

Yilinker: Your newest online shopping Experience is now in the Philippines

With the advent of internet technology, buying things you need without the living the comfort of own home is so much convenient with the technological solution called e-commerce. Presently, there about a dozen e-commerce platform are available online that let people transact business over the internet. 

Yilinker. A new symbol of online shopping convenience
However, as much as these online shopping malls can be very convenient, some are now receiving numerous complaints with regards to quality of services and the quality of the product itself. Speaking form a personal experience, my wife decided to by an electric can opener via Lazada. The product looks very promising and it was not that expensive either. 

The electric can opener we bought from LAZADA
Personally, I don’t approved buying it and suggested to buy the manual type. But since it was December and opening cans would be more frequent during the Christmas season, I agreed of buying one. During the first few occasions, the product was working well, but after a month of use, that’s where we noticed its defects. is the newest emerging e-commerce that affiliates reputable brands and guarantees quality service delivery to their end user. Furthermore, aims to innovate and reinvent the e-commerce industry in the Philippines by offering the most progressive products and services that will suit the changing lifestyle of its customers, facilitate a one-of-a-kind selling opportunity for our partners, and give everyone the chance to earn more income via our affiliate program. 

Mr. Nelson Liao, Yilnker PH CEO and Management

Another unique feature of Yilinker is the opportunity for anyone to be an entrepreneur and start his aor her own e-commerce without risking a single cent. Yes, that’s right. This is something that anyone can try and not just be an end user. To explain it further, you can watch this short video of how you can do business with Yilinker. 

For those who wish to make some extra money minus the risk, Yilinker offers a free seminar and business workshop. 

Just over a week ago, I tried buying a Sharp 27” flat screen LED TV at Yilinker, and yesterday, we got our order. My son was so excited seeing a new TV set which I placed in my kid’s room. My wife was happy with it and decided to by some kitchen stuff like, juicer, ceramic knives, water melon slicer and a 24” Flat screen TV for our bed room. We were glad that all the stuff we bought are all working well.

So happy and excited to un-box my first purchase at Yilinker. Most definitely this wont be the last. Thank you Yilinker! 

I had a great experience with my first purchase with Yilinker so my wife made some shopping on her own.
And for our next purchase, maybe it’s time to buy a better can opener?

For more information on the latest and hottest brands available for sale at Yilinker, please visit 
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