Tuesday, August 16, 2016

RAK of AEGIS on its 5th comeback…

The Aegis Band, popularized by their iconic hit songs such as “Basang-basa sa Ulan, Halik, Bakit and many others, was given due recognition when PETA veterans Myk Salomon, Maribel Legarda and Liza Magtoto, thought of a brilliant idea to create a musical play using all the AEGIS songs, and that's how RAK of AEGIS came about.  RAK of AEGIS was a fitting title, patterned from the equally successful Broadway musical Rock of Ages that was even made into a motion picture (Starring Tom Cruise) a few years back.

Ruth and Noy - Aged, and still Rockin'...
This was over two years ago when it; first launched their debut performance which made this theater master piece an overnight success.  Now on its 5th comeback, RAK of AEGIS is storming once again the crowd with its exceptional spectacle of the Pinoy love story in the setting of Manila’s marginalized informal settlers surrounded by its typical environment of garbage and flooding. The plots and story lines were creatively sync to the music and songs of the AEGIS band.

My son, Gab...
I consider myself to be musically inclined and I really do appreciate good music that matched my taste and style. However, the AEGIS songs, as much as these are very popular among pinoys, is not the kind I would spare some money to buy their CDs. But the popularity of it resonates all over and crosses all classes and the lyrics and style speaks to the very culture of the pinoys.
Gab with Ms. Sweet Plantado as "Mary Jane"
About a month ago, for the first time, I was able to watch RAK of AEGIS. It was a special screening that gave recognition to CONVERSE Shoes, which happens to be the casts’ official shoe apparel costume. This makes a lot of sense because the shoe brand practically represents the image of the general public, and this too, crosses all social classes.

Gab with Ms. Alisah Bonaobra as "Aileen"
The characters in the story are the typical everyday people, struggling to survive the life in a flooded slum area. The story describes the distinctive characteristic of Filipino complacency in facing problems. These people are the ones who would choose endure the discomfort of the obstacles rather than solving it. Instead of finding lasting solutions, they settle for quick-bucks and short-lived fames, in the expense of the vulnerable.

Gab with Mr. Pepe Herrera as "Tolits"
However, in spite of their pathetic attitudes, love and genuine concern for each other abounds in the story. Values of perseverance are also impressed, reflected by the characters who showed exemplary talents with much confidence that what they have can bring them better lives in the future. It also highlights values of being true to one self, and learning to see and appreciate the “good-nature” in people who are often neglected. This proves that often times, life’s wisdom can be found in the most simplest of things.

Gab with Mr. Jimi Marquez as "Jewel"
After watching the play, I can say that I’m now a convert and I admit that I, too had an episode of LSS of the song “Basang-basa Sa Ulan”, as my family and I went home. For those who haven’t watch it yet, you still have until August 28, 2016. The Show runs Tuesdays to Fridays at 8:00pm, Saturdays to Sundays 3:00pm and 8:00pm at the PETA Theater Center. 
Gab with Mr. OJ Mariano as "Kiel"
For tickets go to ticketworld.com.ph or call 891-9999 or you can contact PETA at 725-6244 or email them at petatheater@gmail.com.

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