Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks in Antipolo…

Have you been to Beeffalo Marikina, lately? Almost two years ago, my wife and I had a gastronomical experience when we were first introduced to the owners Louie Abad, his wife Girlie, and their long time friend and business partner, Caren Diaz who welcomed us to their restaurant. The dishes were spectacular, most especially the grilled ones which were cooked outdoors.

It was our first time to visit that part of Marikina which used to be remote and isolated. Today, that part of the city where there were very few establishments, is now a bustling avenue of resto bars, boutiques, and restaurants. Now, who would know that this remote place would soon be an area full of life? 

After a few years of operation in Marikina, The Hot Rocks visionaries ventured and introduced Beeffalo on the other side of town in Antipolo. Many of the diners are part of the same crowd who frequented the Marikina branch and have been loyal since. After only a few months of operation, the Antipolo branch instantly captured the preference of foodies from all over.

My wife and I, who are likewise big fans of Beeffalo food, visited the Antipolo branch a few weeks ago to once more experience the food which we missed so much (because we live quite far). We checked the menu and we were delighted to see new dishes added. 

Broccoli Soup - P120
We had a bowl of soup as introduction and started with the Broccoli Cheese variant, which is thick and very flavorful. The soup was not so smoothly refined, which I found to be good because you can actually feel the small bits of Broccoli which goes well with cream cheese. This dish comes with garlic toasted bread. When you visit, you may also try their equally delicious Roasted Pumpkin soup. 

Garlic and Mushroom Pizza - P195
I tasted a different pizza flavor before at Beeffalo Marikina and tried the Garlic and Mushroom Pizza this time. It may not be their signature dish, but it will surely make an impression once you experience it. The mushrooms are yummy and the mozzarella cheese taste so great. The size is good for three people and for P195, this pizza is definitely a sure winner and value for money. 

Baby Back Ribs - P765
But what made me travel from Alabang to Antipolo is one of Beefalo's signature dishes: their famous Baby Back Ribs! Painstakingly marinated with special herbs and spices (according to Louie who says the same thing about all their dishes he doesn't know all the ingredients of hahaha) for 48 hours, then oven baked to perfection, and after which is smothered with Beeffalo's signature rib sauce. This is also available in single serving with Java Rice for only P285.

Beeffalo Porter House Steak (250g) P395
The next dish, my wife's favorite, is a Tagaytay beef half-inch porterhouse steak. Cooked in a medium rare consistency, you get the best of the beef with its juice. This one is served with mashed potatoes, fresh veggies plus special dip mixed in, as Louie would always say ... Special Herbs and Spices. The steak is so flavorful and tender. Take note, it's not Angus ... its BatAngus beef! 

Sizzling Beef in Tamarind Gravy - P330
We also tasted for the very first time, Beeffalo's Sizzling Beef in Tamarind Gravy that is actually a deconstructed Beef Sinigang, minus the sabaw (soup). This is really out of the ordinary and certainly something Filipino sinigang-lovers should try. It tastes exactly like Sinigang in Tamarind but with sour gravy instead of soup. I'm sure this one will be another Beeffalo hit soon. 

Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup - P225
Chicken Wings in two variants; Regular spice and Hot and Spicy - P195
Cheese Steak Sandwich  - P245
If the beef and ribs are too much for you, you may want to try their dishes catered for the light to heavy snackers. The Three-Cheese Sandwich is something you'd want to eat in between meals. It is served  with warm tomato soup. If you're not a fan of beef or pork, but prefer chicken instead, you can try Beeffalo's chicken wings with mashed potato on the side. If the Porterhouse steak is too much, go for Beeffalo's Cheese Steak Sandwich with special cheese dressing and french fries. 

Gabi Ice cream...
 Of course, a perfect lunch would not be complete without dessert. The Gabi Ice cream is certainly an exceptional one. This vanilla ice cream with the flavor of gabi rootcrop is definitely a must try! 

Aside from the delicious food we just had, the "after-lunch" fellowship and story sharing was extended. With the awesome food Beeffalo serves, truly, there are a lot of things to talk about. The owners are on high gear of bringing more to the restaurant. For one, the Marikina branch is currently under renovation but is still Business As Usual. The Hot Rocks group is also eyeing to put up a potential branch in the south of Metro Manila, soon!  

Beeffalo Marikina is located at Gil Fernando Avenue Marikina City while Beefalo Antipolo is at M.L. Quezon Avenue, in front of Antipolo Doctors Hospital. For inquiries, you may reach them at Tel. 534-1160 or Mobile 0939113077.

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