Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Alviera Hero Camp for the brave and the Bold…

When I was young I had asthma, so my pediatrician recommended my mother to allow me to be engaged in sports. As a young grade-schooler I had a little stint in many ball-sports, like soccer, basketball and volleyball, and after a few years, it worked, my lungs became stronger and my asthma was controlled. However, those ball games never got hold on to me as my regular sports. I don’t know why.

While I was in college, I was invited by my college friends to go mountain climbing and after several climbs, I was hooked. It seems that I’m more attracted to the outdoors and wilderness activities, most especially the camping, and sleeping in tents under night skies part of it. And not very long, the simple hiking and camping activities in the outdoors developed into more challenging outdoor sports, which also the context why I created this blog – Trails Unlimited.

Alviera, the next Nuvali of Central Luzon offers a different kind of outdoor activity that allows guests of all ages to a weekend of camping experience and its called The Alviera Hero Camp. A weekend-camper will have the opportunity to ride four SandBox attractions such as, Rollercoaster Zipline, the 10-meter high giant swing, Aerial Walk for Free-fall, wall climbing and rappelling. Along with these exciting rides and activities are skills training that are useful in helping others.

These training skills is the Hero Basic 101, where expert trainors teach basic survival skills. The KAPOW! Trianing is a crash-course on basic martial arts and self-defence and is facilitated and demonstrated by martial art masters. The creative side of the training programs is the Costume Crafting Corner where campers are taught how to make your very own super hero costume.

To field test all the trainings learned, the campers will have the opportunity to test their fighting skills by facing a “monster” in the Monster Obstacle Course in the Aqtiv Archery. In this challenge, Archers must target monsters and finish the course under a set time. They will also get to parade their super heroes costumes and go Trick-or-treating in participating booths and camp tents.

And finally, after a fun-filled day, every camper will get to relax and watch superhero movies under the night sky. This weekend camp is a special treat and the SandBox will exptend their operations until the evening. The Alviera Hero Camp is a one of a kind experience for not just kids but to the whole family.

The Alviera Hero Camp are available on Travel Factor’s website for P2,100 for a day adventurer and P2,950 for weekend campers. For more information, visit for more details.

About Alviera:

In partnership with Leonio Land, Alviera is an Ayala Land sustainable estate located at Porac, Pampanga, accessible via NLEX-SCTex. Envisioned to become a regional growth center of Central Luzon, it features a diverse mix of quality residential, industrial and commercial developments to support economic growth. 
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